New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike

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Factory photo of a New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike
$ 1,355.00
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  • New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike

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New Schwinn Group Cycling Bikes

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New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike Overview:

Built like a tank, with sturdy, stainless steel components, the Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike will get you going someplace fast. Since 1895, Schwinn has produced the highest-quality American bicycles – and that tradition extends to the work-horse model IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. The IC Pro offers indoor riding adventurers an infinite range of resistance settings, employing a state-of-the-art linear, incremental system to achieve this. With corrosion-preventing stainless pins, and a corrosion-resistant frame and finish, you never need to worry about rusting or deteriorating parts: it’s a bike that’s built to last. And unlike other stationary machines, the IC Pro comes with two composite water bottle cages that hold containers up to 1-liter in size. Weighing in at only 130 lbs the sturdy IC Pro Indoor can accommodate riders of up to 300 lbs. Its sleek, sliver frame color will stimulate your need-for-speed, ensuring that you get the full benefit of every challenging workout. The IC Pro is a traditional, reliable, chain-driven cycle, yet it comes with an enclosed chain guard that keeps lubricated parts away from the rider, while allowing easy access for additional lubrication when needed. Finally, the easy-to-use handle-bar and seat adjustments keep you cranking in comfort for as long as you can go.

Production Details - Why you should buy from us!

Learn more about what is done to the Schwinn Group Cycling Bike before shipping.

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Certified New

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Seats & Grips

New Grips, seats, and pedals and many hours of workouts to wear them. If they fail, no sweat, they are all covered by the manufactures warranty! Please be sure to check what is covered in your owner manual and to register your purchase.

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Decals & Emblems

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Fly Wheels & Belts

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Brakes & Pads

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This new Spinner bike will be fault free and in perfect factory new condition. This insures flawless mechanical condition and tuned by the manufacturer. As long as you are within your warranty period and you have not voided your warranty, it will be covered by the manufactures warranty.

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Paint | Powder Coating

Pristine factory painted finish that is blemish free and great to look at. Depending on the brand and machine, this finish may be power-coated, anodized or zinc coated. All industry accepted finishes that will be covered by the manufactures warranty.

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Plastics & Shrouds

Save money buying used, learn more aout our second hand gym equipment refurbishing process?

Warranty details for the New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike

You are protected with the Manufacturer's Warranty. Alll claims must be filed directly with the Manufacturer.

New Schwinn IC Pro Group Cycling Bike Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: N.100114

  • Input Voltage: Not Applicable
  • Amperage: Not Applicable

Technical Specifications: N.100114

  • Dimensions: 50" L by 22" W by 39" H
  • Weight: 130 Lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.
  • Seat Adjustment Range: 23\" - 36\"
  • Braking System: Push brake system brings flywheel to a fast stop
  • Ressitance Type: Tension turn-knob, resistance pad on top of flywheel
  • Cranks: Forged Steel
  • Handlebar: Textured grip, multi-position, pop-pin adjustment
  • Drive System: Fixed gear drive chain
  • Flywheel: 38 lbs
  • Seat: Anatomically designed,adjusts up/down/fore/aft with pop-pin

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