Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike

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Factory photo of a Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike
$ 2,460.00
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What's in the box

  • Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike

    (Fully Assembled)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • AC Power Cord
  • * Check dimensions to ensure deliverable

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Are you interested in customizing your gym equipment? Global Fitness can customize this Refurbished Expresso Bike to match your sports team or corporate colors. Past clients include Under Armor, Facebook, and several NFL teams.

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Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike Overview:

The Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike comes with all the bells and whistles people have come to expect in an Expresso fitness product, only in a slightly smaller package. Perfect for young people with an interest in cycling or just staying fit, the bike will offer hours of fun and engaging pedaling. Even better, with its widescreen LCD monitor, which doubles as an entertainment center with music, television, Internet and plenty of in-ride games, even kids averse to exercise will be drawn to this bike. The wide, cushioned seat—with a high back to reduce back strain—has several vertical height adjustments, making it perfect for riders of all sizes, and the ergonomically designed handlebars, with lifelike steer and shift functions near the hand grips, add an extra level of control and versatility.

The Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike offers over 30 realistic rides that take users through some of the most iconic landscapes the world has to offer. These computer generated graphics are incredibly lifelike, as are the graphics in the dozen or so games riders can play as they pedal away the pounds. The 19-inch monitor this bike offers keeps track of a number of fitness rubrics as the user works out. These pieces of data include calories burned; the time elapsed and remaining in the workout; distance traveled; average resistance; watts; METs; altitude climbed and more. All of the workouts can be adjusted for difficulty thanks to the 30 levels of resistance, making the bike perfect for everyone, regardless of their current level of fitness.

Using the monitor and state-of-the-art computer system of the Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike, riders can save their workout and game data, and even share with family and friends over the wireless internet feed. And the Emergency Stop Magnet with built in lanyard adds peace of mind for both riders and their parents.

Production Details - Why you should buy from us!

Learn more about what is done to the Expresso Bike before shipping.

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image
Certified Refurbished

Our professionally refurbished bikes set the industry standard, which competitors can only try to emulate. This process is done to the manufacturer’s specifications and is conducted exclusively in-house, allowing for complete control over quality. Our certified refurbished gym equipment are truly in a class of their own.

Global Fitness Console and Overlay Icon Image
Consoles & Overlays

The original overlays and touch-screens on a fitness machine are designed to protect crucial electronic parts and enhance the user experience. On our refurbished exercise bikes, all of these overlays are replaced to provide our buyers with a bike that is functionally optimal and exceedingly dependable.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image
Decals & Emblems

Although decals and emblems do not affect the manner in which our refurbished exercise bikes perform, they DO add a measure of ornamental beauty. That’s why our expert team of refinishers replace these exterior features with brand new ones—making all fitness products look just as they did on the showroom floor.

Global Fitness Belt Icon Image
Drive Belts & Chain

The “guts” of any quality fitness product are the crank assemblies and drive belts—the parts that make our refurbished exercise bikes go. At Global Fitness, we replace all these parts with the most modern and high-quality components available to ensure our buyers/users never have to sacrifice quality.

Global Fitness Electronics Icon Image

The electronic components in a fitness machine allow users to remain continuously informed and entertained. Hence, all the switches and electronic parts on our refurbished exercise bikes are carefully inspected repaired/replaced for quality and performance by our resident team of expert technicians.

Global Fitness Mechanical Icon Image

The alternators, bearings and batteries on our refurbished exercise bikes are crucial to their performance and longevity. Consequently, our expert team of mechanics vigilantly dismantle and analyze these components, rebuilding and/or replacing any parts that will ultimately lead to a more fluid user experience.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image
Painted Finish | Powder Coating

All frames and metal parts on our high-quality refurbished exercise bikes are structurally sound and decoratively perfect. We owe this to our expert team of resident sandblasters and powder coaters, who collectively inspect each and every part prior to refinishing and coating them to ensure they look like new.

Global Fitness Plastics Icon Image
Shroud Covers

Merely repairing and replacing broken or cracked shroud covers and other plastic components can jeopardize the integrity of a fitness machine over time. At Global Fitness, we replace any plastic part that is worn or stressed to ensure our users can enjoy our refurbished exercise bikes for many years to come.

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Warranty details for the Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike

Our Refurbished Machines carry a 1 Year comprehensive parts & labor warranty.

What is Covered

The warranty covers most aspects of the machines, including labor, which ensures that we will locate and assign a fitness technician to conduct the necessary repair work on the machine. All parts replaced are OEM and typically brand new. This is by far the best warranty in the industry exceeding all standards.

What is Not Covered

The only exclusions are the wear parts, negligent use, malicious damage, or force majeure.

How to File a Claim

For all claims our customer service department will handle your respective need(s) diligently and professionally. Should you require assistance once the warranty period has expired we will address any concerns and help you to maintain your unit by selling parts at our lowest wholesale cost. In addition, we will locate a service technician in your area that you can contact for any repairs or maintenance. We also offer extended warranties on refurbished machines.

Description of Condition - Refurbished Equipment:

Prior to shipping the machines are put through a 42-point inspection, and then stripped down to the bare frame. Frames are powder-coated to perfection, new parts replace the worn, and the machine is brought back to “like new” condition. The machine undergoes a full quality control inspection, placed under stress testing, and once they pass, sent to our packaging department to be professionally packaged and prepared for shipping.

Refurbished Expresso HD Youth Upright Bike Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: HD-Y-UB

  • Input Voltage: 110 -240V | AC 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 2.5 Amps

Technical Specifications: HD-Y-UB

  • Dimensions: 49" L by 24" W by 55" H
  • Weight: 155 Lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.
  • Programs: 30 tours and chases
  • Workouts: Various Workout Games and Basic-to-Extreme Interactive Tours
  • Startup Speed: N/A
  • Seat Adjustment: Vertical Seat Adjustment
  • Heart Rate: Contact HR | Polar Compatible
  • Resistance: 30
  • Drive Type: Belt drive system
  • Display Type: 19\" wide-screen LCD

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