Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display

$ 6,985.00
Factory photo of a Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display
$ 6,985.00
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  • Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display

    (Partially Assembled)
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  • AC Power Cord
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Custom Technogym Treadmills

Are you interested in customizing your gym equipment? Global Fitness can customize this Refurbished Technogym Treadmill to match your sports team or corporate colors. Past clients include Under Armor, Facebook, and several NFL teams.

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Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display Overview:

The Technogym Excite Run Personal Treadmill with Unity Display is an intuitive and intelligent workout machine—a machine that offers plenty of entertainment options to go along with the health benefits it provides to users. Featuring a natural impact shock absorption deck system, the treadmill is very forgiving, offering a low impact workout that is easy on the muscles and joints of the lower body. The machine boasts a powerful 6.0 HP AC motor and a fluid belt system that is quiet and responsive at all speeds. With a speed range of 0.5 miles per hour to 14.2 miles per hour; and an incline ratio of 0 percent to 15 percent, it is the perfect machine for users of all skill and ability levels.

The fast track controls on the Technogym Excite Run Personal Treadmill with Unity Display, located on the ergonomically designed handlebars that help to promote the optimal workout posture, allow users to change the speed and incline settings on the fly, without having to stop and reprogram the machine and without losing any important workout data. The intelligent Unity display monitor on the Excite Run Personal Treadmill enables users to track and monitor an assortment of fitness milestones and goals, including heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, altitude climbed (when using the incline settings), speed, pace, METs, watts, and elapsed time and time remaining. The display monitor also doubles as an entertainment center, through which users can charge their favorite electronic devices, watch streaming video, listen to music and even surf the Internet.

There are 19 pre-programmed workouts on the Technogym Excite Run Personal Treadmill with Unity Display. They include a variety of theme-based walks and runs that give users the look and feel of working out outdoors; several goal based programs that measure for items like time, calories and distance; a CHR regimen; speed and interval training workouts; a fat-burning and weight loss program; and several fitness tests that allow users to measure their fitness progress from one workout to the next.

Production Details - Why you should buy from us!

Learn more about what is done to the Technogym Treadmill before shipping.

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image
Certified Refurbished

Our professionally refurbished treadmills set the industry standard, which competitors can only try to emulate. This process is done to the manufacturer’s specifications and is conducted exclusively in-house, allowing for complete control over quality. Our certified refurbished gym equipment are truly in a class of their own.

Global Fitness Console and Overlay Icon Image
Consoles & Overlays

The console overlays and touch screens on our exceptional fitness machines give users direct access to the intelligence and amazing functionality of our refurbished treadmills. Therefore, each of these parts is replaced with brand new elements to ensure a reliable, long lasting and blemish free user experience.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image
Decals & Emblems

Our high-quality refurbished treadmills are never ready to sell until they meet the original, showroom-quality aesthetics you expect as a customer. Therefore, we carefully replace all the original decals and emblems to ensure our customers consistently purchase a treadmill that looks just as good as it operates.

Global Fitness Belt Icon Image
Running Belts & Decks

All of our refurbished treadmills are equipped with long-lasting, maintenance-free deck systems and no-wax belts that measurably increase the lifecycle of these machines. Although often twice or three times the cost of standard belts, these wax-less options have become the industry standard in terms of quality.

Global Fitness Electronics Icon Image

We understand the importance of properly functioning electronics in our refurbished treadmills. We therefore inspect, test and retest every board in our high-tech electronics laboratory. Through this all-inclusive inspection we are able to repair the repairable and replace any poorly performing elements.

Global Fitness Mechanical Icon Image

The rollers and motors on all of our refurbished treadmills undergo a thorough inspection by our resident team of electronic engineers. By dismantling the mechanics we are able to carefully diagnose and repair these parts to their original state, guaranteeing the functionality and reliability of each machine.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image
Painted Finish | Powder Coating

Our state-of-the-art in-house powder coating and silica sandblasting facility ensures that every treadmill we sell has the same aesthetic beauty as those right off the showroom floor. Every part of our refurbished treadmills, from the frame to its metal parts, undergoes this process to ensure the highest quality.

Global Fitness Plastics Icon Image
Motor Shrouds | Plastics

Unlike other equipment dealers, who may choose to simply repair and paint old shrouds, we take a different approach. Unless in excellent, top-notch condition, all of the motor shrouds on our high-quality refurbished treadmills are carefully replaced to create a product that looks just as good as it performs.

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Warranty details for the Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display

Our Refurbished Machines carry a 1 Year comprehensive parts & labor warranty.

What is Covered

The warranty covers most aspects of the machines, including labor, which ensures that we will locate and assign a fitness technician to conduct the necessary repair work on the machine. All parts replaced are OEM and typically brand new. This is by far the best warranty in the industry exceeding all standards.

What is Not Covered

The only exclusions are the wear parts, negligent use, malicious damage, or force majeure.

How to File a Claim

For all claims our customer service department will handle your respective need(s) diligently and professionally. Should you require assistance once the warranty period has expired we will address any concerns and help you to maintain your unit by selling parts at our lowest wholesale cost. In addition, we will locate a service technician in your area that you can contact for any repairs or maintenance. We also offer extended warranties on refurbished machines.

Description of Condition - Refurbished Equipment:

Prior to shipping the machines are put through a 42-point inspection, and then stripped down to the bare frame. Frames are powder-coated to perfection, new parts replace the worn, and the machine is brought back to “like new” condition. The machine undergoes a full quality control inspection, placed under stress testing, and once they pass, sent to our packaging department to be professionally packaged and prepared for shipping.

Refurbished Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill with Unity Display Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: DAK81V-DAK8AV

  • Input Voltage: 110 -240V | AC 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 20 Amps

Technical Specifications: DAK81V-DAK8AV

  • Dimensions: 79" L by 31" W by 58" H
  • Weight: 374 Lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 352 Lbs.
  • Programs: 19 Programs | 19" UNITY LCD touch screen
  • Workouts: Quick Start, Goals, CPR, Profiles, Training Zone, Outdoors, Weight Loss
  • Speed: 0.2-11.2 mph
  • Incline: 0%-15%
  • Heart Rate: Hand Sensor, Telemetry
  • Belt: 20" x 57"
  • Motor: 4.0 HP
  • Deck: Long Life Deck

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