Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

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What's in the box

  • Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

    (Fully Assembled)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • AC Power Cord
  • * Check dimensions to ensure deliverable

Selection process for Concept 2 Rowers

What condition is this Used Concept 2 Rower in? We only select the machines that are in good enough condition to be sold as used. Typically these are machines that have come from smaller gyms, personal training studios or medical facilities and have low use and can easily be serviced and sold as used.

Before we fill you order you will receive a picture and short video of the actual machine we will be shipping you.

Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower Overview:

The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower is a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing piece of fitness equipment that is ideal for working out the small and large muscle groups of the upper and lower body at the same time. In the process, it also delivers a great cardiovascular workout, thus making the machine one of the most versatile fitness machines in any gym or workout studio. There’s a reason that the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower is one of the best-selling indoor rowing machines on the market today. Perfect for beginners to intermediate to experienced rowing athletes, the machine features a low profile 14 inch seat that is very padded and comfortable, as well as an intelligent air resistance system. This intuitive air system actually increases the amount of resistance you feel the harder and faster you row, adapting to your pulling strength and cadence.

The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower features an easy-flow track system that allows for smooth movement of the seat, and castor wheels that make it very mobile. Made from the finest welded steel, the machine is able to accommodate users up to 500 pounds. And its two-piece design enables users to fold the machine up after use for easy storage. The rower features a very intuitive PM5 display monitor. This Performance Monitor provides accurate and very detailed statistics related to the workout, helping users to track data such as speed, pace, distance, watts and calories burned, among other stats.

The adjustable footrests of the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower are very comfortable and tactile, and the padded hand grips help users avoid hand soreness and blisters. The nickel-plated chain drive system resists rust and oxidation and provides a smooth and fluid pull regardless of the level of resistance—of which there are 25.

Production Details - Why you should buy from us!

Learn more about what is done to the Concept 2 Rower before shipping.

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image
Certified Operational

All our Certified used rowerss have undergone a 42-point inspection. Our machines are thoroughly tested, professionally detailed, and packaged. This process is documented with images and video and shared with the buyer prior to shipping. Our certified operational fitness products are truly in a league of their own.

Global Fitness Console and Overlay Icon Image
Consoles & Overlays

This part is the user’s direct connection to the machine and is the initial way a user may distinguish the machine from new, thus a fresh overlay is key. We inspect all overlays ensure reliability and longevity.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image
Decals & Emblems

Any used fitness product is bound to lose some of its aesthetic shine over the years. But at Global Fitness, we more than make up for the sometimes worn or faded decals and emblems by delivering to our customers a used lateral trainer that is performance-tested and structurally sound.

Global Fitness Belt Icon Image
Drive & Row Belts

In a machine like a rower, nothing is more important than the fluid, uninterrupted motion of the drive assembly. Therefore, all parts related to this system are inspected and only replaced to ensure a smooth operation—including the drive belts, when they do not perform satisfactorily.

Global Fitness Electronics Icon Image

Our professional technicians in our electronics lab inspect and run each board through a series of tests using scopes and other sophisticated testing equipment, some of which is proprietary to GFI. All machines supplied will have properly working and reliable electronics.

Global Fitness Mechanical Icon Image

When it comes to selecting quality used rowers to offer our customers, only the best make the cut. Hence, parts such as rails and resistance—parts that contribute to the smooth, fluid motion of our products—are run through an extensive 10-point inspection before they are deemed to worthy to sell.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image
Painted Finish | Powder Coating

Despite some flaws in the painted finish, the structural integrity of our used exercise rowers is a primary concern at GFI. And to guarantee our customers can rely on this soundness and integrity, all of the frames and support components on our fitness products are diligently inspected by our resident and highly-trained team of product engineers.

Global Fitness Plastics Icon Image

Parts such as shroud covers and other protective plastic components play an important role in extending the lifespan of crucial internal parts and motors. For this reason, all of our used rowers undergo a thorough inspection and detailing process to ensure a high-quality rower that is also visually appealing.

Want a 1 Year Waranty? Consider the Refurbished Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower for less!

Warranty details for the Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

This used product is covered by a 30 day limited warranty. The used item is complete and in great working condition. Furthermore, it is fully tested and serviced prior to packaging and shipping.

What is Covered?

The limited warranty covers defective motors, alternators,  or complete failure within the first 30 days. In addition, your limited warranty covers excessive grinding and abrasive noises. The warranty is also strictly a parts only warranty. Global Fitness assigns a local service technician and either new or used OEM or generic parts to repair the issue.

What is not covered?

The limited warranty on used product does not cover the labor for the assigned service technician. Also, the warranty does not cover LCD TV screens nor electronics failures.

How to file a claim

Global Fitness customer service handles your respective warranty claim diligently and professionally. Outside of the warranty period we will also help you to maintain and address any concerns by providing discounted parts and locating a service technician. For a more comprehensive warranty please consider a refurbished item.

Description of Condition -used product:

Prior to shipping, the used product is inspected by trained staff. This detailed 20 point inspection thoroughly tests the used item to  ensure that it works properly and that all respective parts function normally and there are no damages. The used item is detailed, necessary parts are lubricated and the machine tested. The item is professionally packed and prepared for shipping.

Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: D

  • Input Voltage: 100V | AC 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 15 Amps

Technical Specifications: D

  • Dimensions: 89" L by 28" W by 64" H
  • Weight: 57 Lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs.
  • Programs: Monitor Contingent
  • Workouts: Fat Burn, Cardio, Hill, Random, Manual, 6 Customizable Workouts, Life Fitness Fit Test, Army PFT, Navy PRT, Air Force PRT, Marines PFT, Gerkin Protocol, Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB), Speed Interval Training, Sport Training (5K and 10K), Calories Goal, Distance Goal, Time in Zone Goal, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Interval, Extreme Heart Rate
  • Resistance: Friction Spiral Damper
  • Track: Stainless Steel
  • Monitor: PM3 or PM4 Compatible
  • Row Length: Adjustable
  • Motor: Kinetic
  • Monitor Arm: Adjustable

Product Reviews: Used Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

The machine looks and operates like a new machine.
I want to express to global fitness that I am extremely satisfied with my refurbished Concept 2 rower. The machine looks and operates like a new machine. I also want to thank the Internet sales staff for their remarkable customer service. I am certainly impressed with your company, product, and service.
Written by Ian Roberts | 11/12/2009
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