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  • Used Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer

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Selection process for Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers

What condition is this Used Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer in? We only select the machines that are in good enough condition to be sold as used. Typically these are machines that have come from smaller gyms, personal training studios or medical facilities and have low use and can easily be serviced and sold as used.

Before we fill you order you will receive a picture and short video of the actual machine we will be shipping you.

Used Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer Overview:

Like its predecessor, the CT91X model, the Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer is a wonderfully smooth and efficient elliptical trainer. Similar to the earlier model, this sleek machine offers the fluid and easy motion of a high quality elliptical machine, with all the attractive bells and whistles that fitness enthusiasts crave. The Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer boasts an impressive 20 inch stride length—compared to the 18 inch stride limit of earlier machines of its kind. 25 resistance levels challenge users of all skill levels, and the non-slip pedals and handles offer a comfortable and safe workout each and every time.

The vivid LED console of the Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer keeps exercisers consistently informed of their progress. The bright, dual-level panel tracks factors such as elapsed time and time remaining; total calories burned; calories burned per hour; distance and workout statistics; as well as METs, Watts and other important data. Built-in LifePulse hand sensors and an optional Polar telemetry wireless chest strap measures heart rate and alerts users when they reach their Target Heart Rate Zone.

One of the most coveted features on the Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer are the 16 pre-programmed workout options, which include Fat Burning Zone training workouts that systematically adjust a person’s resistance to maintain the optimal heart rate. Completely self-powered, the 91Xi roars to life the moment the user starts pedaling, and the anatomically designed moving arms ensure a great upper body workout—in addition to the lower body benefits it provides. In addition to the impressive 20 “ stride length, this versatile machine offers 2.8 inch pedal spacing, backward and forward pedaling, a resistance-based braking system, and on-the-go programming. Rear transport wheels make this model easy to move from place to place, and the integrated reading rack allows you to enjoy your favorite book as you workout.

Production Details - Why you should buy from us!

Learn more about what is done to the Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer before shipping.

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image
Certified Operational

All our Certified used elliptical trainerss have undergone a 42-point inspection. Our machines are thoroughly tested, professionally detailed, and packaged. This process is documented with images and video and shared with the buyer prior to shipping. Our certified operational fitness products are truly in a league of their own.

Global Fitness Console and Overlay Icon Image
Consoles & Overlays

The touch screens and console overlays on a high-quality fitness machine provide customers with their first and most impressionable experience with the product. As such, we at Global Fitness take great care to offer only those used elliptical machines that have been professionally inspected and refinished.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image
Decals & Emblems

Needless to say, any used fitness product is bound to lose some of its aesthetic shine over the years. But at Global Fitness, we more than make up for the sometimes worn or faded decals and emblems by delivering to our customers a used elliptical machine that is performance-tested and structurally sound.

Global Fitness Belt Icon Image
Drive Belts

To say that the mechanical drive assemblies on our fitness products are crucial to the performance would be a grand understatement. Therefore, all of the drive trains and belts on our used ellipticals are carefully inspected for quality, reliability and longevity by our trained team of mechanical specialists.

Global Fitness Electronics Icon Image

At GFI, we understand that the various electronic features on a fitness product keep users connected to their workout goals. Because of this, all electronic boards and connections on our inventory of used elliptical machines are pre-tested to guarantee they meet and exceed our rigorous testing standards.

Global Fitness Mechanical Icon Image

Because of our relentless pursuit of quality, not every used elliptical and/or crosstrainer machine is deemed worthy of securing a place on our showroom floor. Only those machines that have undergone—and passed—our very thorough 10-point inspection process are worthy of being called a Global Fitness product.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image
Frame Condition

At Global Fitness, the condition of the frame and other structural components are what give our used elliptical machines some of the highest marks in the industry for support and peace of mind. We accomplish this goal via an in-depth testing and inspection process performed by highly trained product engineers.

Global Fitness Plastics Icon Image
Plastics & Shrouds

Notwithstanding minor imperfections, motor shrouds and other plastic protective features are central to the continued performance of our used elliptical and cross training machines. Therefore, after undergoing the inspection process, only those machines that have demonstrated the required integrity are made available to our loyal customer base.

Want a 1 Year Waranty? Consider the Refurbished Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer for less!

Warranty details for the Used Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer

This used product is covered by a 30 day limited warranty. The used item is complete and in great working condition. Furthermore, it is fully tested and serviced prior to packaging and shipping.

What is Covered?

The limited warranty covers defective motors, alternators,  or complete failure within the first 30 days. In addition, your limited warranty covers excessive grinding and abrasive noises. The warranty is also strictly a parts only warranty. Global Fitness assigns a local service technician and either new or used OEM or generic parts to repair the issue.

What is not covered?

The limited warranty on used product does not cover the labor for the assigned service technician. Also, the warranty does not cover LCD TV screens nor electronics failures.

How to file a claim

Global Fitness customer service handles your respective warranty claim diligently and professionally. Outside of the warranty period we will also help you to maintain and address any concerns by providing discounted parts and locating a service technician. For a more comprehensive warranty please consider a refurbished item.

Description of Condition -used product:

Prior to shipping, the used product is inspected by trained staff. This detailed 20 point inspection thoroughly tests the used item to  ensure that it works properly and that all respective parts function normally and there are no damages. The used item is detailed, necessary parts are lubricated and the machine tested. The item is professionally packed and prepared for shipping.

Used Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: 91Xi

  • Input Voltage: Battery
  • Amperage: Self Generated

Technical Specifications: 91Xi

  • Dimensions: 83" L by 28" W by 61" H
  • Weight: 235 Lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs.
  • Programs: 16 Workouts
  • Workouts: Manual, Quick Start, 2 Zone Training+ HR Workouts, Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Random, Around the World, Cascades, Foothills, Interval, Kilamanjaro, Speed Training, Cross Train Aerobic, Cross Train Reverse
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Incline Levels: Stationary/Fixed
  • Heart Rate: Lifepulse Digital Contact HR| Polar Compatible
  • Stride Length: 18"
  • Drive System: Rear Drive, Belt/Alternator System
  • Pedals: Independent Suspended Pedal Mechanism

Product Reviews: Used Life Fitness CT91Xi Crosstrainer

Great Deal!
You cannot beat this deal, as a former gym I know value when I see it. For this price you would normally have to resort to a home model from a big box store but this is a commercial model and one of the best brands in the industry. I am happy with my used cross-trainer, some minor scratches here and there but you after all buying used.
Written by Charles Laub | 01/22/2018
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