Used Body Masters CX Series Abductor

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Product Code: BM-CX-ABDMPN: CX115


The Body Masters CX Series Abductor isolates and trains the gluteus medius (outer hip) muscles by applying resistance to the outer part of the thighs as the legs are moved apart. The range limiter (3 positions) can be activated from the seated position and ergonomically placed handles allow for added stability.

The Body Masters CX Series is a 26-piece line of variable resistance strength equipment that provides added durability thanks to its high quality materials, and belt driven weight stack for smooth, natural movement. From the superior feel and function of every movement to an innovative new look, the CX Series is what you and your members have been waiting for. The new CX Series has a sleek, modern look utilizing 11 gauge, 2" x 3" rectangular tubing. Several units feature bent tubing that complements the new frame design while providing extra stability. Each machine has increased accuracy in ranges of motion for specific muscle groups. The CX Series delivers results for your members, while Body Masters continues to deliver unsurpassed quality and commitment.

A Body Masters CX Series Abductor is, and can best be described as follows: An Abductor is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of fitness equipment designed to strengthen the outer thigh muscles when the user performs the anatomical movement of Abduction, or moving the legs away from the midline of the body. The user is in a seated position with the knees touching and exercises the muscles by pushing the legs apart against pads placed outside each knee.

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  • Used Body Masters CX Series Abductor
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Body Masters CX Series Abductor

Product Specifications

Machine Classification: CX115

Item: Abductor
Training Zone: Lower Body

Technical Specifications: CX115

Dimensions 60" L by 45" W by 61" H
Weight 570 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity 250 Lbs.
High impact injection molded protective enclosure for belts and pulleys complements modern facility design and provides smooth, quiet operation
Lighter starting weights and innovative 5 lb increment weight system
Cam design matches natural strength curve of targeted muscles
Low profile frame with 15 lb interval weight plates
Perform all adjustments without exiting machine
Advanced informative placards feature new start and finish position images and targeted muscle group images
Front loading weight stack allows for easy entry and exit
Privacy weight stack guards

Used Body Masters CX Series Abductor

Factory photo of a Used Body Masters CX Series Abductor

Production Details

Why you should buy from us

Learn more about what is done to the Selectorized Station before shipping

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image

Certified Operational

Techs visually inspect the machine for missing mechanical components and tested for functionality, including usability, range of motion, and the quality of cables and belts. Frames are touched up where needed, and units are cleaned up.

Global Fitness Weight Stack Icon Image

Weight Stacks

We inspect weight stacks and guide rods on our used selectorized strength equipment for metal fatigue, and we replace missing weight increment decals with new ones. We also replace weight selector pins if missing or if the condition is unsafe.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image

Decals & Placards

Safety decals and instructional placards are replaced with OEM parts when missing. We also offer OEM replacement decals and manufacturer logos at a discount to customers who are buying used selectorized equipment and wish to replace worn out decals.

Global Fitness Belts Image

Cables & Belts

Used cables or belts are inspected and only replaced if there are any signs of weakness. If a replacement is necessary, it is done so to manufacturer's load specifications, and we only use OEM parts.

Global Fitness Moving Parts & Pulleys Icon Image

Moving Parts & Pulleys

Used pulleys and pulley systems are inspected for safety and integrity and replaced or rebuilt if necessary.

Global Fitness Mechanical Bushing Icon Image

Bushings & Rods

Used bearings and bushings are carefully checked and lubricated to ensure proper functionality. Guide rods may exhibit some noticeable wear but are evaluated to ensure they are structurally sound and replaced when necessary.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image

Painted Finish | Powder Coating

Scratches and abrasions may appear on the surface of our used selectorized strength equipment, and the frame color of the unit may differ from the image on this page. Before the unit is shipped, our staff will share photographs of the machine that will be shipped so you can assess the color and condition of the powder coated finish.

Global Fitness Upholstery Icon Image


Used Selectorized Station upholstery is only replaced with original Naugahyde or BoltaFlex upholstery if there is a tear or significant wear through the surface of the fabric. Please note the color of the upholstery on the unit you order will likely vary from the photograph on this page, but we share this information with you before shipping. We only replace pads with new backboards and foam when necessary.


This used product is covered by a 30 day limited warranty. The used item is complete and in great working condition. Furthermore, it is fully tested and serviced prior to packaging and shipping.

What is Covered?

The limited warranty covers defective motors, alternators, or complete failure within the first 30 days. In addition, your limited warranty covers excessive grinding and abrasive noises. The warranty is also strictly a parts only warranty. Global Fitness assigns a local service technician and either new or used OEM or generic parts to repair the issue.

What is Not Covered?

The limited warranty on used product does not cover the labor for the assigned service technician. Also, the warranty does not cover LCD TV screens nor electronics failures.

How to File a Claim

Global Fitness customer service handles your respective warranty claim diligently and professionally. Outside of the warranty period we will also help you to maintain and address any concerns by providing discounted parts and locating a service technician. For a more comprehensive warranty please consider a refurbished item.

Description of Condition - Used Product

Prior to shipping, the used product is inspected by trained staff. This detailed 20 point inspection thoroughly tests the used item to ensure that it works properly and that all respective parts function normally and there are no damages. The used item is detailed, necessary parts are lubricated and the machine tested. The item is professionally packed and prepared for shipping.

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Selection process for Body Masters Selectorized Station

What condition is this Used Body Masters Selectorized Station in? We only select the machines that are in good enough condition to be sold as used. Typically these are machines that have come from smaller gyms, personal training studios or medical facilities and have low use and can easily be serviced and sold as used. Before we fill you order you will receive a picture and short video of the actual machine we will be shipping you.

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