Quality. When it comes to the commercial fitness equipment market—particularly used gym equipment—it’s the only thing that truly matters. The gym industry has flourished recently with the introduction of new and improved products—products that come with a hefty price tag. With a seemingly endless stream of electronic advancements, including intelligent personal training software, built-in LCD television, and innovations in ergonomics, the gym industry is constantly feeling the pressure to adapt with the changes. But maintaining this competitive edge in a rapidly changing market can be extremely cost prohibitive—this is where Global Fitness comes in. Here we offer gently used and affordable “like-new” products that reflect the latest in equipment mechanics and technology. This enables our customers to continuously update their stock with professionally refurbished and remanufactured equipment that is guaranteed to operate like new.

The presentation and delivery of our products only furthers the “like new” experience. Professionally boxed in our eco-friendly packaging, each piece of used gym equipment we deliver boasts the look and feel of a product straight from the showroom floor—one that could potentially cost up to two to three times more than our affordable sticker price.

Paired with our great product and presentation is the after-sales service and warranty we offer. Our basic warranty, which comes standard on all of our equipment, goes well beyond that of our competitors, and our affordable and comprehensive extended warranties cover all of our used gym equipment from the ground up. In the unlikely event that our machines do experience a problem or failure, our network of nearly 1,300 service providers, along with our courteous and knowledgeable customer care specialists, will ensure those products are up and running in no time. At Global Fitness we consistently strive to offer the very best equipment and service for the most affordable price in the industry.


Global Fitness is one of the most respected names in the industry, specializing in high-quality used fitness equipment. For over 20 years, we have served as a pioneer of innovation, changing the manner in which gym owners view their stock of equipment while disrupting the traditional model. Offering valued products and excellent service, we continue to expand our market share by never settling and consistently challenging the status quo. Loved by our clients and envied by the competition, we take pride in our proactive and novel approach—an approach that allows us to offer a “like new” product that begins at conception and continues through point of sale, service and beyond. If you’re looking for superior used exercise equipment at a sensible price, look no further than Global Fitness.


At Global Fitness, the phrase second hand gym equipment takes on a whole new meaning. As one of the foremost authorities in the field of used and refurbished fitness products, we take the refurbishing and service aspects of the industry to another level, providing our customers with reliable and durable products they can trust. For over two decades we have been offering trusted fitness equipment to companies and individuals the world over. In that time, we have garnered a sterling reputation for our stellar process—a process through which our expert engineers and mechanics work their special blend of magic on every product we sell. The end result is a line of affordable second hand fitness products that operate just as efficiently and effectively as they did off the showroom floor.