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About Our Upper Body Ergometers 

An upper body ergometer is a machine that works similarly to the exercise bikes we offer, except the users pedal with their arms and hands instead of using their feet and legs. Our used UBE machines offer a great cardiovascular and upper body workout, activating all the muscles of the forearms, biceps, triceps and core. 

Due to their construction, UBE machines are commonly used for injury rehabilitation or by individuals who are unable to use their lower body. In our selection, you'll find a range of top-grade UBE exercise machines from trusted brands such as Matrix Fitness, Technogym and SciFit. Our in-house engineers and mechanics thoroughly test and inspect each machine before it is certified as operational.   

Key Features of Our Upper Body Ergometer Machines

While UBE machines are primarily used for rehabilitation, they are also excellent for effective upper body strength building and cardio. As such, these machines can make a great addition to any gym or fitness facility. Some of the key features of our used UBE machines include:  

  • Innovative design: These machines can be used in standing and sitting positions. For those who choose to remain seated during their workout, the padded, adjustable seats provide an excellent level of comfort as users tone their upper bodies. Some models have removable seats for easy wheelchair access. 
  • Adjustable resistance levels: Our used UBE machines can be adjusted in terms of resistance to suit users of all fitness levels and abilities. 
  • Display consoles: Some of the upper body ergometer machine models in our selection come with advanced display consoles that allow users to monitor essential data like calories burned, heart rate, distance and time. These consoles can also be used for entertainment, allowing users to listen to music, watch videos and even play games as they exercise. 

Make Global Fitness Your Gym Equipment Supplier

At Global Fitness, we have been a reliable source of top-of-the-line pre-owned fitness equipment for decades. Our in-house experts specialize in refurbishing and remanufacturing pieces, so you can count on us to deliver UBE exercise machines that meet your expectations. In addition, we offer customization options for our machines and can perform all kinds of adjustments in our powder-coating facility.

Whether you need an upper body ergometer for a home or commercial gym, our team will help you find the perfect model for your budget and needs. 

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We have various types of used upper body ergometers for sale in our inventory. Check out our selection and purchase our high-quality UBE machines online today! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products.


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