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The Advantages of a Smith Machine

The benefits of Smith machines include: 

  • Guided barbell movement: The barbell in a Smith machine moves along a fixed vertical track, providing stability and guidance during exercises. This guided movement helps users maintain proper form and alignment, reducing the risk of injuries. Users learn to master their lifting skills without worrying about balancing the barbell, which is great for beginners.
  • Progressive overload capabilities: By allowing users to add weight plates to the barbell, Smith machines facilitate progressive overload. This is a fundamental principle of strength training. Progressive overload involves gradually increasing the resistance over time to stimulate muscle growth and strength gains. 
  • Single-user workouts: Smith machines provide a convenient and accessible option for performing weightlifting exercises, especially for individuals who prefer to work out alone or do not have access to a spotter. Perform Olympic-style lifts with peace of mind. 
  • Versatile uses: Users can target many muscle groups in the body by performing various exercises on one machine. Users can work their lower body and improve balance.
  • Cost savings: You can purchase used Smith machines for your start-up gym or home workout studio at a fraction of the price of new equipment. 
  • Customization: We have our powder coating facility, allowing us to offer customized gym equipment designs. Incorporate your brand's colors on your machine to create a cohesive, branded look for your gym. 

Quality Equipment From Trusted Brands

At Global Fitness, we select top-tier used and new Smith machines sourced from renowned manufacturers in the fitness industry, which include: 

  • Cybex
  • FreeMotion Fitness
  • Hammer Strength
  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Sportgear
  • Star Trac
  • Technogym
  • Torque Fitness

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Smith machines are valuable tools for individuals looking to build strength, muscle mass and endurance through weightlifting exercises. Whether you need to equip your commercial gym or home workout studio, our quality Smith machines will be a valuable asset in helping you achieve your goals.

Global Fitness offers extensive equipment warranty options and worldwide service, as well as discounts for teachers, military and first responders. 

Browse our Smith machines for sale or contact us directly if you have any questions. 


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