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Cable Crossover Machines for All Fitness Levels

Our cable crossover machine allows for a wide range of motion and resistance levels, making them suitable for all fitness abilities. The machine provides constant tension throughout the movement, promoting muscle engagement and growth. The machine's dual pulley system enables users to work independently on each side of the body, correcting muscle imbalances and improving symmetry. 

Users can adjust the height and angle of the pulleys to perform different exercises, such as:

  • Chest flies
  • Cable rows
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Shoulder raises 
  • Single arm lat pulldown
  • Face pulls
  • Straight arm pulldown
  • Reverse lunges
  • Kickbacks
  • Squats and split squats 
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Abdominal workouts

Our Used Cable Crossover Machine 

All our used cable crossover machines feature an extra wide, tall, sturdy, versatile mainframe. This design allows exercisers to perform a variety of fitness-based movements with the top and bottom swivels that offer a full 180 degrees of movement. Users can target multiple muscle groups, adjust resistance levels and choose from various exercise options. These machines come with easily adjustable stacks and all the accessories users need for a successful workout. 

These cable crossover machines come complete with a variety of attachments, including cable handles, ankle straps and plenty of other accessories that help our customers get the most out of every workout. Ensuring our used cable crossovers are fully refurbished and rust-free is a priority. We also inspect the weight stacks, moving parts and pulleys, cables and belts and brushing rods. 

Before selling our equipment, we apply powder coating if there are any imperfections to restore the appearance of the equipment. A picture of the machine gets sent to clients for approval of the powder coating and overall finish before shipping. 

In addition to our used Freemotion Dual Cable Cross, we offer several well-known brands, including: 

  • Life Fitness 
  • Precor 
  • Technogym 
  • Sportgear 
  • Cybex 

Rent Premium Equipment

Looking to rent instead? We offer budget-friendly rental options, allowing you to have the equipment you need during peak season or for special events. This option helps you make informed decisions before making a permanent purchase. 

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Cable crossover machines are valuable additions to any gym or fitness setup. Whether you are looking for equipment for your commercial gym or setting up a home workout studio, you can trust Global Fitness to cater to all your fitness needs.

Choose from our wide range of cable machines for sale and benefit from our affordable prices and extensive warranty options. Purchase your cable crossover machine and experience premium service and quality without breaking the bank. You can also reach out to us online if you have any questions. 


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