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The used functional trainers at Global Fitness have been thoroughly inspected by our team of specialists — in-house engineers and mechanics who certify every product we sell. Users have taken advantage of our functional trainers to perform a nearly unlimited number of exercises, ranging from rehabilitation workouts to sports-specific applications that improve performance and endurance. 

The versatility of these machines, which allow athletes to train at any speed, has made them extremely popular with customers of all fitness levels. 

Users can target every muscle group for strength with multiple cable attachments and adjustable resistance levels. This equipment is also ideal for functional and endurance training. 

Choose a used functional trainer with durable 12-gauge main tubes and integrated pull-up bars, or choose a machine more suitable for personal trainers that replicate real-life activities. Our machines allow users to perform cable rows, chest presses, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, tricep extensions and leg exercises. Our selection of functional trainers includes:

  • Dual Adjustable Functional Trainer: This machine builds muscle and can be used for conditioning. 
  • Dual Stack Functional Trainer: The Dual Stack Functional Trainer is also ideal for building substantial muscle mass and conditioning. 
  • Compact Functional Trainer: This machine enables resistance training from all angles, challenging the body's muscles in every direction. 
  • Group Training System: If you need a machine to facilitate group training sessions, this functional trainer is fit for up to eight users. 
  • FT360 Functional Trainer: This functional trainer stimulates real-life movements by providing resistance from all directions. 

Rent a Functional Trainer

Renting allows gym owners to have trial periods for equipment. This is an opportunity to test out different models before making a decision to purchase. If clients are hosting special events, renting equipment can help optimize floor space. Commercial gyms won't need to allocate space permanently for equipment storage. 

Renting is flexible, so clients can bring in different machines over certain seasons when needed. Lastly, this method is cost-effective for clients who are uncertain of specific equipment demands. 

Customize Your Equipment

Our in-house powder coating facility enables us to offer customized equipment solutions. Whether it's branded products in a team or company colors, we have the capabilities to bring your vision to life. Ensuring all fitness equipment stands out while reflecting the identity and style of the business. 

Elevate Your Gym

Global Fitness boasts a team of experts proficient in equipment refurbishment, ensuring top-notch quality. Our trained staff meticulously inspects, repairs and refurbishes equipment to like-new condition, providing our clients with premium fitness solutions at unbeatable value. 

With our range of functional trainers, you can elevate your gym with high-quality equipment without breaking the bank. Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with our functional trainers, designed to deliver maximum results in minimal space. 

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