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Steppers and stepmills are designed to emulate the action of walking, running or climbing up stairs. While steppers typically have two pedals that move in alternating downward directions, stepmill machines have more of a revolving endless staircase design. Both these powerful pieces of fitness equipment offer an effective, low-impact cardio workout that is easy on the joints.

Our extensive inventory of used steppers and stepmills features some of the most sought-after models from reputable brands like StairMaster, Life Fitness, Precor and Star Trac. Our expert team meticulously examines these pre-owned machines to ensure they provide reliable performance and durability. 

Features of Our Used Steppers and Stepmills

Steppers and stepmills are the go-to cardio workout machines of choice for many fitness enthusiasts due to the user experience and results they provide. As such, we offer a wide range of used stair machines made by various manufacturers, so they come with numerous outstanding features, including:

  • Innovative design: Our used stepmill machines come with non-slip step floors, adjustable step height, comfort rails on either side of the step platform and other features for added safety and easy operation. They also have retractable front wheels that make it easy to move these durable steppers from room to room.
  • Display monitors: The machines are equipped with wide-screen monitors that allow users to measure and track their performance during the workout.
  • Multiple resistance levels: With over 20 resistance levels, some of our used step machine models allow users to adjust the resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of users. 

Why Choose Global Fitness?

At Global Fitness, we are continuously pioneering innovation in refurbishing and remanufacturing of pre-owned gym equipment. With a dedicated team of specialists and decades of industry experience, you can count on us to provide you with first-rate used steppers and stepmills that are built to last. Plus, we have our own powder coating facility where we customize these machines based on our clients' needs. 

Whether you need help choosing the right stepmill machine or require warranty service, our team will provide expert solutions every time. 

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We are committed to helping you find fitness equipment that meets your needs and budget, which is why we have several stair steppers for sale in our collection. Order used steppers and stepmills online today! You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products.


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