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Precor USA is a Woodinville, Washington-based Fitness Equipment subsidiary of Amersports, a multi-billion dollar Finland headquartered public company. For over three decades, Precor has been manufacturing some of the finest equipment, including industry-leading products such as the EFX Elliptical, a product category invented by Precor and now mirrored by all of its competitors. Many years ago, Precor acquired Icarian, an innovative Strength Equipment company, and has since developed and improved on the line many times over.

Why Choose Used Precor Strength Equipment From Global Fitness?

We are proud to have deep ties with Precor Incorporated. We have partnered with them in multiple ways, including selling their equipment and once being responsible for a Certified pre-owned program for Precor equipment. When you choose us, we assure you that we will make the process from purchase to delivery and beyond as smooth as possible.

We have 20 years of experience in the industry, and our solid background in refurbishment and selling fully operational used equipment means our customers continue to be satisfied.

Our Distinctive Features

Thanks to our previous service in running pre-owned programs, our staff has the necessary experience and know-how to refurbish and repair machines to industry standards. We do all our work in-house so that we have control of every part of the process.

Our Equipment Reinvigoration Process

Our technicians ensure that all moving parts and weight stacks are functional for our used Precor weight machines and will replace components if necessary before certifying them as operational. We use a 72-point refurbishment process for our customers' peace of mind.

Our Customization

Our used products come in factory colors and finishes. We will take a photo of the machine before shipping to ensure you are happy with its condition. If you decide on a refurbished machine, we will complete every step we do for used machines, but you can also customize your colors and finish with any branding you want and replace the vinyl.

Our Warranties

We realize that warranties on used equipment are rare. That’s why we provide extensive warranties on all our products, used and new. Look for the warranty terms and conditions on the individual product pages.

Our Discounts and Service 

Thanks to our worldwide presence, our technicians can travel to assist you if there is an issue with a warrantied piece of equipment.

We also want to thank the people who protect and guide us, so we provide special discounts for military personnel, first responders and teachers.

Buy Precor Equipment Today

Browse our options above to stock your gym with quality used machines. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products or processes. Or, sign up for free if you need guidance on opening a gym. We also have a rental program if you'd like to try before you buy.


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