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About the Climbing Machine 

 The small yet sturdy footprint of the climbing machine is what attracts many individuals to it. Slim and upright, vertical climbers come standard with comfortably padded leg grips and sturdy arm pulls, which work in concert to engage the lower body, upper body and core. The motions mimic the climbing of a steep mountain — motions that also lead to maximum fat and calorie burning in just a brief workout.

Our Selection of Quality Used Climbing Machines

We carry a vast range of stair climber machines from leading brands, such as Jacobs Ladder, Versaclimber, Concept 2 and more. Our inventory includes several types of used climbing machines, including stair steppers, stair mills and vertical climbers. All these types and models have varying degrees of intensity, speed and resistance, making them ideal for users of any fitness level.

We inspect and test our used climbing machines, examining the walking belts, electronics, plastic parts and other components to ensure each piece of equipment meets our strict quality standards.   

Features and Benefits of Our Ladder Climber Machine Models 

Our used climbing machines are designed to offer a range of workouts, from low-impact to full-body exercise. You'll find that each of our options comes with a unique design and operation, which provides specific benefits depending on your needs. Here are some of the features of our stair climber machine models: 

  • Versatile step height: Our used climbing machines feature various step heights, ranging from 1 to 20 inches. Some models have a shortened step height of 10 inches. As such, these machines can accommodate short, medium and long strides, allowing users to explore a range of movements.
  • Adjustable grip and pedal: Some of our stair climber machines, like the VersaClimber models, come with three or four settings for adjusting the grip and pedals to ensure the user's comfort.  
  • Self-generated power: You'll find some of the used climbing machines in our selection, like the Jacobs Ladder climbers, operate on self-generated power. These machines generate electricity from the energy they produce, so the harder you work, the faster it goes.    
  • Dynamic magnetic braking (DMB): Our rope training equipment, like the Marpo VMX, has a DMB system that uses dynamic grip and re-grip patterns to build functional grip strength. 

Why Choose Used Climbing Machines from Global Fitness?

Global Fitness is a reliable source of high-quality pre-owned climbing machines. We have a team of trained engineers who are skilled at refurbishment and can restore any piece to a like-new condition. Plus, we offer several customization options so we can tailor your stair climber machine to your exact specifications, from incorporating additional features to giving it your desired aesthetic appeal. 

Shop Our Used Climbing Machines 

Are you ready to take your cardio workouts to the next level? Browse through our inventory of premium used climbing machines. We have Concept 2, VersaClimber and Jacobs Ladder for sale, among other leading brands. Contact us to learn more or shop our products online today!


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