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About the Adaptive Motion Trainer  

An AMT is an innovative piece of gym equipment popularized by Precor. It serves as a treadmill, stepper and elliptical trainer —  an all-in-one machine that adapts to the user's natural movements. The open stride machine adjusts to almost infinite motion paths through multiple stride options and arms that provide an upper-body push/pull component. With our used AMTs, users can run, climb, walk and jog, making them suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and needs. 

Our Selection of Used Precor AMTs

We carry several used Adaptive Motion Trainer models from Precor, including the open stride machine options to help users achieve next-level fitness. Our adaptive gym equipment typically comes from smaller facilities where it was used less, making it easy for us to restore it to a like-new condition. Additionally, the machines are certified operational after undergoing inspections and rigorous testing to ensure the best performance. 

Key Features of a Used Adaptive Motion Trainer

The Used Adaptive Motion Trainer is designed to provide maximized cardio exercise in one go while ensuring a well-rounded and personalized user experience. Some of the key features that set these machines apart from the rest, include: 

  • Adjustable stride length:  Users can instantly change their stride length and see immediate feedback that tracks muscle engagement on the motivational console.
  • Dual-plane resistance: The stride gym machine has horizontal and vertical dual-plane resistance, adding another dimension of customizability to workout routines. As a result, AMTs enable a unique and challenging full-body workout that targets the legs, glutes, arms and core. 
  • Self-powered: Our used Adaptive Motion Trainers are also conveniently self-powered, making them perfect for any commercial gym or home workout studio. With plenty of pre-set workouts, several resistance levels and informative readouts, the AMT packs a powerful punch into a small footprint.
  • Display consoles: Console options vary across the models, but all have heart rate capabilities and feature the Stride Dial to assist with targeting specific muscle groups. 
  • Additional features: Our adaptive gym equipment has stationary handles for easy entry, as well as cup holders and media trays.

Why Choose Our Adaptive Gym Equipment?

At Global Fitness, we refurbish and remanufacture used adaptive gym equipment, restoring it to peak condition. We have decades of experience and a dedicated team that is trained in gym equipment refurbishment. When you choose our used AMTs, you can benefit from: 

  • Customization: We have our own powder-coating facility, which allows us to personalize your AMT with a painted finish that reflects your business's brand and colors. 
  • Industry-leading warranty: Our used adaptive gym equipment is covered by a 30-day limited warranty. Plus, you can count on our extensive worldwide network of technicians to handle any issues that may occur within that period. 

Purchase A Used Adaptive Motion Trainer Today 

Whether you need an Adaptive Motion Trainer for your home or commercial gym, you'll find a model that meets your needs in our selection. Browse our options to learn about their specifications, and add a stride gym machine to your cart today. You can also contact our team to inquire about customization. 


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