Global Fitness is the World leader in the industry for remanufactured and used fitness equipment. For over 20 years we have continuously pioneered innovation, changing the way owners and managers view their equipment, and disrupting the traditional model. Excelling at the highest levels of quality and control, Global Fitness continues to grow and develop its market segment by never settling and consistently executing ideas at new heights. Loved by our clients and envied by our competitors we are always a few steps ahead, ensuring that we deliver a “like new” purchase experience that starts at conception, through point of sale, and continuing with the after sales service and beyond. If you are looking for the highest quality equipment at more affordable, sensible pricing, you need look no further.


Buyer beware, it is tough to be a consumer in the market for used gym equipment, especially when confronted with the choice of quality over price. Many of our competitors fight for space in our market by posturing to be big businesses and advertising used fitness equipment as refurbished. Global Fitness Equipment has years of experience in production and trained professional staff refurbish the fitness equipment. In fact, Global Fitness Equipment was at one time the factory responsible for both Life Fitness’s and Precor’s Certified Pre-owned programs. In addition, we back our products with the industry’s best warranty that you can count on. What will you do when the fly-by-night business has closed its doors and you need to open a warranty claim?


Are you in search of a custom look for your gym? We have the solution for you because we own our own powder coating facility. You need only visit our gallery to see what we have done with some of our products. From NFL and College sports teams, to personal training studios and massive gyms, we have taken our customers’ visions and brought them to life; we have done it all!


As of today, Global Fitness equipment rentals has helped successfully launch over 50 small businesses, and has rented gym equipment to hundreds more. We have rented gym equipment to Hollywood studios and films sets, actors, TV productions, and you! Our National Rental Equipment Division can put any package together to fit your needs and budget. With local technicians to maintain, service, and repair all your rental equipment at no extra charge, perhaps renting is the way you would prefer to go. Contact us today to rent fitness equipment and get your business started.


Can you count on the supplier you choose to equip and maintain your gym? You can count on Global Fitness! For over 20 years and counting we have been building a nationwide network of service technicians who address our warranty claims. This means that you are protected no matter where you live and we get you back up and running quickly. If you are abroad, do not be concerned, we address those clients, too. In some cases our technicians have traveled as far as Australia and the Ukraine to address warranty issues and win back customer confidence. And of course, we offer extended warranties upon checkout so be sure to inquire about those.