New Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl Bench

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Product Code: N.SG-PCMPN: N.SP-051/SF-168


The Sportgear SL Series Free Weight Arm Curl Bench offers two different positions for varied workouts and accommodates users of all sizes.

The perfect combination of form, function, and durability creates a total strength solution with the Sportgear SL Series Free Weight equipment. Elevated aesthetics and rugged construction extend to this expansive selection of well-thought-out benches and hardworking racks. Sportgear SL Series Free weight equipment allows you to create a cohesive environment that is equipped to challenge beginners to the most advanced exercisers.

A Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl is, and can best be described as follows: A Preacher Curl is a free weight bench designed to assist in performing Biceps curls by placing the user in a seated position with the elbows resting on a sloped and sometimes curved pad. The Preacher Curl bench design provides an isolated movement pattern, thus increasing the effectiveness and difficulty of the exercise. While holding dumbbells or a barbell, the weight is moved through an arc by the contraction of the Biceps muscles in a curling motion.

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Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Product Specifications

Machine Classification: N.SP-051/SF-168

Item: Preacher Curl
Training Zone: Upper Body

Technical Specifications: N.SP-051/SF-168

Dimensions 43" L by 38" W by 31" H
Weight 104 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity 0 Lbs.
11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
Standard rubber feet protect base of the frame
Contoured ergonomic cushions
Oval-framed tubing
Hand grips are non-absorbing, latex-free, and wear-and-tear resistant
Grips retained with aluminum collars, preventing them from slipping during use
Angled arm pad for comfort and support
Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability

New Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl Bench


You are protected with the Manufacturer's Warranty. All claims must be filed directly with the Manufacturer.

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Custom New Sportgear Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Are you interested in customizing your gym equipment?

Global Fitness can customize this Sportgear Bench to match your sports team or corporate colors. Past clients include Under Armor, Facebook, and several NFL teams.

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