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Our Used Elliptical Trainers

We carry numerous home and commercial-grade elliptical trainers from reputable brands, such as Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex and more. These sought-after fitness machines are designed to imitate running, walking and stepping without putting too much pressure on the joints and lower body muscles, allowing users to complete workouts with minimal risk of impact injuries. 

Our used elliptical machine models offer easy-step-up pedals and sure-grip handlebars that deliver comfort and keep users secure. The standard ellipticals come with advanced consoles to keep the user engaged by making the workouts entertaining and motivating. 

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical trainers are popular among beginners, gym enthusiasts and athletes for good reason. These machines feature innovative designs that consistently improve performance, effectiveness and comfort. Our used elliptical trainers are remanufactured to deliver the same level of quality, allowing users to benefit from: 

  • Low-impact: Ellipticals enable users to perform various cardio exercises while being easy on the knees, ankles and lower body muscles. The pedals keep feet secure as the machine reduces the strain on the legs through an elliptical motion, resulting in low-impact workouts. 
  • Smooth motion: These trainers follow the natural path of the user's movements, producing a smooth and comfortable elliptical motion. 
  • Adjustable resistance levels: Our refurbished elliptical machines come with adjustable resistance, with some models having over 20 levels. These resistance levels enable users to fine-tune the intensity to match their fitness goals.

Why Choose Our Refurbished Elliptical Trainers?

Global Fitness has been a reliable supplier of premium pre-owned cardio gym equipment for decades. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to provide superior craftsmanship with each piece of used equipment we refurbish and refinish. On top of offering high-quality solutions, we also prioritize customer care and ensuring that the machine meets your expectations. 

Buy Used Ellipticals for Sale from Global Fitness

When you're searching for a top-notch selection of used elliptical machines, look no further than Global Fitness. Purchase our used elliptical trainers online or contact us to learn more about our products today. 


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