New Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System

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Product Code: TG-OMNIA8MPN: MJ05E


The Technogym OMNIA8 is the floor-fixed version of the OMNIA functional training system that suits group training activities for up to eight users, but can also be used individually, with or without supervision. Its compact footprint makes it suitable even for smaller clubs.

Technogym OMNIA is functional for everyone and responds to all possible user aspirations. There are no limits to the variety of user abilities you can cater for, from newcomers to experienced users, and no limits to equipment configuration, training format, or programs. OMNIA starts where infinity stops. Designed by world class experts in close cooperation with the Technogym Scientific Research Department, all OMNIA programs adopt the Technogym Ability Training philosophy based on a structured progression through different ability levels. Exercises can be adapted to all ability levels, can also be included in better aging programs, and even be suitable for physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

A Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System is, and can best be described as follows: Functional training is a classification of exercise that involves adapting and developing exercises to train the body for the activities performed in daily life. A Functional Trainer is a plate loaded or selectorized piece of fitness equipment that incorporates multiple cables that run through adjustable pulleys to allow for a greater degree of freedom in motion. The design of a functional trainer enables users to perform a wide range of torso, upper, and lower body exercises through the use of various handles and attachments. The user is typically standing and exercises involve multi-joint movements that assist with isolation and stabilization of certain muscle groups.

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Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System

Product Specifications

Machine Classification: MJ05E

Item: Functional Trainer
Training Zone: Multi Zone

Technical Specifications: MJ05E

Dimensions 95" L by 57" W by 92" H
Weight 573 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity 0 Lbs.
OMNIA MOVE programs are for people who want more energy in their daily life and want to feel fit and free to move in all circumstances
OMNIA TRAIN programs are for people who want to burn calories, train like an athlete, tone up, and enhance their physical performance
OMNIA PLAY programs are for people who want to stay fit and stay motivated in a group context where they will achieve long-term results and benefit their lifestyle
OMNIA enables users to perform exercises involving entire kinetic chains and implement all principal movement patterns
A wealth of programs multiple exercise options and training formats to meet all user abilities and needs
Multiple configurations a complete and integrated set of tools to create your own functional solutions
Omni-pivot allows users to attach Pendulum, Dual Lift system, Closed Loop Elastics, and Push-n-Pull bag
Omni-bar is a rubber-covered, vertically adjustable bar that can be set according to exercise difficulty, ideal for progressive training routines

New Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System

Factory photo of a New Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System


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Custom New Technogym OMNIA8 Group Training System

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Global Fitness can customize this Technogym Functional Trainer to match your sports team or corporate colors. Past clients include Under Armor, Facebook, and several NFL teams.

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