Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo

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Product Code: N.SG-SQ/CALFMPN: SMS-5409


The Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo is the perfect machine for those seeking to sculpt their lower body. Featuring a combination of squats and calf raises, this gear allows you to target and develop your quadriceps and calf muscles fully. With its easy-to-use design, you'll be on your way to a toned lower body in no time.

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Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo

Product Specifications

Machine Classification: SMS-5409

Item Plate Loaded Squat
Training Zone Lower Body
Intended Use Commercial Installations

Technical Specifications: SMS-5409

Dimensions 43.7" L by 52" W by 59" H
Weight 326 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity 225 Lbs
Select machines offer converging and diverging movements
Frame 11-Guage Powder Coated Steel

Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo

Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo


You are protected with the Manufacturer's Warranty. All claims must be filed directly with the Manufacturer.

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Custom Sportgear Squat Calf Raise Combo

Are you interested in customizing your gym equipment?

Global Fitness can customize this Sportgear Selectorized Station to match your sports team or corporate colors. Past clients include Under Armor, Facebook, and several NFL teams.

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