Used Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station

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Product Code: CYM-MS4MPN: CYM-MS4


A Cybex 4-stack Multi-Station is a compact, multi-function exercise system combining 4 Modular stations that each have a separate weight stack and can be configured in multiple ways to maximize space and increase exercise variety. Stations can include: Seated Leg Press, Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Low Row, Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Pressing Station, Tricep Pressdown, Tricep Extension, Arm Curl, Cable Column, Assisted Chin/Up/Dip, or Cable Crossover.

The Cybex Modular Strength System is a highly adaptable, space-efficient multi-station exercise unit that delivers the many benefits of popular variable resistance lines, without sacrificing quality, presentation, or performance. Easily configured to offer total body conditioning in a compact footprint, the Cybex Modular Strength System offers the flexibility to choose from over 20 different exercise stations, in virtually unlimited configurations, to create the unique solution that best suits the needs of your facility.

A Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station is, and can best be described as follows: A Multi-Station is a piece of weight training equipment comprised of various multi-zone selectorized workout stations in a connected framework that allows multiple users to workout at the same time. A 4 Stack Multi-Station has 4 weight stacks that can be arranged in various configurations that typically include a cable crossover.

What’s in the box

  • Used Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station
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Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station

Product Specifications

Machine Classification: CYM-MS4

Item: Multi-Station 4-stack
Training Zone:: Multi Zone

Technical Specifications: CYM-MS4

Dimensions NA" L by NA" W by NA" H
Weight Variable Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity Variable Lbs.
Modular, Free Standing, and Tandem Configurations - Stations can be combined with angle braces and steel mesh perforated panels
Weight stacks and guide rods are enclosed in steel columns
Weight stacks comprised of 3" x 12" or 4" x 12" weight plates
Cables run through fixed mounted pulleys
Easy to use seat adjustment mechanisms for proper exercise form
Weighted stations with weight stacks for variable resistance and Body Weight stations that utilize the user's body weight to provide resistance
Stations are connected via mesh steel panels
Multiple users can workout at the same time

Used Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station

Factory photo of a Used Cybex Modular 4 stack Multi Station

Production Details

Why you should buy from us

Learn more about what is done to the Multi-Station before shipping

Global Fitness Certified Refurbished Shiled Image

Certified Operational

Our technicians verify the Multi-Gym is complete and touch up any rust marks. We then clean up the machine before it is shipped.

Global Fitness Weight Stack Icon Image

Weight Stacks

We inspect the used Multi-Gym weight stacks and guide rods for metal fatigue, and we replace missing weight increment decals with new ones. Weight pins replaced if the condition is unsafe.

Global Fitness Decal and Emblem Icon Image

Decals & Placards

We replace missing placards and safety stickers on the used Mult-Gyms with OEM parts. We do offer the OEM decals and brand emblems at a discount to customers who are buying used strength equipment and would like to replace worn out decals.

Global Fitness Belts Image

Cables & Belts

Used cables or belts, if present, are inspected and only replaced if there is any sign of weakness. If we replace any cables or belts, we use parts that meet the manufactures load specifications, and when possible we use OEM parts only or high-grade Kevlar belts.

Global Fitness Moving Parts & Pulleys Icon Image

Moving Parts & Pulleys

Used pulleys and pulley systems are inspected for safety and only replaced or rebuilt if need be.

Global Fitness Paint Icon Image

Painted Finish | Powder Coating

Our used Multi-Gyms finish will have some scuffs and blemishes on the paint, and the color of the unit may very likely vary from the image on this page. Before shipping, our staff share photographs of the actual machine we will be shipping you so that you can approve the color and condition of the powder coated finish.


This used product is covered by a 30 day limited warranty. The used item is complete and in great working condition. Furthermore, it is fully tested and serviced prior to packaging and shipping.

What is Covered?

The limited warranty covers defective motors, alternators, or complete failure within the first 30 days. In addition, your limited warranty covers excessive grinding and abrasive noises. The warranty is also strictly a parts only warranty. Global Fitness assigns a local service technician and either new or used OEM or generic parts to repair the issue.

What is Not Covered?

The limited warranty on used product does not cover the labor for the assigned service technician. Also, the warranty does not cover LCD TV screens nor electronics failures.

How to File a Claim

Global Fitness customer service handles your respective warranty claim diligently and professionally. Outside of the warranty period we will also help you to maintain and address any concerns by providing discounted parts and locating a service technician. For a more comprehensive warranty please consider a refurbished item.

Description of Condition - Used Product

Prior to shipping, the used product is inspected by trained staff. This detailed 20 point inspection thoroughly tests the used item to ensure that it works properly and that all respective parts function normally and there are no damages. The used item is detailed, necessary parts are lubricated and the machine tested. The item is professionally packed and prepared for shipping.

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Customer Questions

Selection process for Cybex Multi Station

What condition is this Used Cybex Multi Station in? We only select the machines that are in good enough condition to be sold as used. Typically these are machines that have come from smaller gyms, personal training studios or medical facilities and have low use and can easily be serviced and sold as used. Before we fill you order you will receive a picture and short video of the actual machine we will be shipping you.

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