Gym Guides: What Gym Equipment Do Gyms Use?

 |  Thomas Ferriere

If you're thinking about opening up a gym, finding the right gym equipment is essential. While some people work out to stay healthy, it's a way of life for others. 

If you want your gym to be successful, you have to cater to both classes of gym-goers (and everyone in between). This means investing in the right equipment for your members. 

You need to provide people with the gym equipment they need to reach their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

But what types of equipment should you invest in? What types of equipment do most gyms use?

We're here to answer your questions. Keep reading for a quick breakdown of all the essentials you need for your gym. 

Warmup and Cooldown Gym Equipment

First, let's look at some gym equipment items that are often overlooked. Warming up and cooling down before and after a workout, respectively, are among the most important practices in fitness. 

If your gym members hit the weights hard without warming up, they run a greater risk of injury. The same can be said if they're running on the treadmill or hitting the punching bag. 

As such, you need to invest in some gear that will help people loosen up and warm up before workouts and cool down afterward. This includes:

  • Yoga mats
  • Foam rollers
  • Jump ropes
  • Resistance bands

Don't skimp on this area and regret it later. Pulled muscles, tweaked backs, and aching joints are less than enjoyable.

Cardio Gym Equipment

Next, let's talk about cardio equipment. Cardio machines are some of the best gym equipment items for people of all fitness levels. They are essential for increasing endurance and keeping your heart and lungs in good shape.

And while you might be thinking, "people can just run outside," think a little harder on that issue.

What if it's 100 degrees outside? What if it's below freezing? Do you really want your members going outside and pounding the pavement in those conditions?

This is a good way to lose members to a different gym.

Additionally, running outside in some states during wildfire season can be harmful to your health. The amount of smoke in the air can be damaging to your lungs, not to mention all the pollutants that will be sucked into your body.

There are various types of cardio gym equipment. The most common cardio machines are:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Bikes
  • Rowers

There are also things like lateral trainers, ladder machines, and stair climbers. If you're looking to save money, shop online for used, refurbished cardio machines. Outfitting your gym with used gym equipment is one of the best ways to achieve a full setup on a budget.

Strength Training Gym Equipment

Now, let's talk about your strength equipment setup. As a gym owner, you know that looking toned and being fit isn't just about losing fat or being skinny. Muscle mass is essential to achieve an admirable physique and increase health.

While this doesn't mean your members all need to be bodybuilders (unless they want to be), it means they need to increase their lean muscle mass. Whether they get big and bulky is entirely up to them and their goals. 

Regardless, you'll need to invest in the proper strength equipment if you want to keep all your members happy and provide a facility in which they can pursue their goals.

Free Weights

First, let's look at some of the most effective muscle-building gym equipment: free weights. Free weights are effective because they train multiple muscle groups at once, while simultaneously increasing balance and core strength. 

Free weight gym equipment essentials can include:

  • Power racks - for squats, bench press, shoulder press, etc.
  • Barbells and plates - to be used on and off the rack
  • Dumbbells and kettlebells - for hundreds of different exercises
  • Adjustable bench (flat, incline, decline)

With a simple power rack setup, barbell, and enough weights, most people can accomplish all of their strength training goals. 

Resistance Machines

Resistance machines can also be incredibly effective, convenient, and dynamic. They are also a staple of most gyms.

For example, a multi-functional cable setup can help members perform dozens of different exercises. Cable machines offer a strength training alternative for people who don't feel comfortable using free weights, don't have a spotter, or have various limitations. 

You can find gym equipment for sale that is a combination of power racks and cable systems. These all-in-one machines give you a place to squat and bench while providing all the perks of a cable machine. 

Aside from cable machines, there are also plate-loaded resistance training machines. These work with levers, rather than cables and pulleys. These machines, while not as diverse as cable machines, are amazingly effective for achieving results.  

Bodyweight Exercise Equipment

Finally, let's look at calisthenic-based gym equipment. For people who don't want to build bulky muscle and are mainly focused on functional strength, bodyweight exercises are more appealing. For them, the best gym equipment consists of items that will enhance their bodyweight workouts. 

For example, while you can perform pushups on the floor, you can't do pull-ups or chin-ups without a pull-up bar. You might also want a place to do dips. 

Furthermore, there are dozens of exercises you can do with workout rings or straps that hang from the ceiling or a pull-up bar. You can do one-legged squats, inverted push-ups, bodyweight rows, dips, bodyweight curls, and more.

Just make sure you mount things like pull-up bars and workout rings and straps in a secure place. Failing to do so can result in injuries and potential lawsuits.   

Looking for Affordable Gym Equipment Near Me?

The workout equipment you invest in for your gym depends entirely on the type of gym you're creating and what you want to provide for your members. If you're not sure which types of gym equipment you need, do a little more research. You can find more workout tips and advice on our blog.

And if you're ready to start shopping for the gym equipment you need, check out some of our gym packages. You can also shop for items individually. Good luck with your gym!

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