Are you building a fitness empire? If you need wholesale gym equipment for a business, then you have just opened a pandora's box of choice. With such a huge outlay and so many products to choose from, you need to get the best returns on your investment.

Have no fear. Below, we give 6 must-know tips to help you find the right wholesale fitness equipment. 

1. Never Sacrifice Quality

Quality equipment does not come cheap. While some industries may be able to get away with having cut-price equipment, the fitness industry is not one of them. You need to invest in quality gear if you are planning to be profitable in the long term. 

Firstly, cheap equipment is a false economy. It will not last, meaning you will soon have to call in repairs or replace the equipment. This can mean you will spend more money in the long term.

Secondly, poor equipment can be a health hazard. Do you really want cheap wholesale gym equipment that will break when someone is using it? You have a duty to your customers, and your insurance company, to ensure you are safeguarding the health of anyone using your facilities.

Thirdly, gym equipment needs to be able to last. Everyone has walked into a gym that has rusty old equipment, with torn grips and mismatched weights. By its very nature, equipment will take a lot of wear and tear and if you want your gym to stay visually appealing, it needs to last.

2. Purchase for the Future

When buying your equipment, it helps to plan for the future. Imagine how you want your gym to look in three or six years' time. Think about how many customers you are expecting through the doors.  

Think about how many people you envision in your gym. Once you know, consider buying all the equipment at once instead of adding to it bit by bit. 

This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, the gym always looks better when the equipment is uniform and often from the same manufacturer. 10 treadmills, each a different make and manufacturer, just looks amateur. 

Secondly, it makes your business look more professional from day one. If you have a large space and fill it with a few essentials, it will look bare and empty. With so much competition you need to have a wow factor when people walk into your gym for the first time. 

3. Purchase for a Target Audience

If you are aiming your gym at a fitness conscious, weight-loss seeking older clientele, why would you fill it with heavy lifting gear? You would be better buying more cardio centered items than bulk building. 

This works both ways. Why would you fill the gym with light exercise machines if you were aiming it at bodybuilders? 

Of course, it pays to have a little bit of everything, and some items just have to be in a gym. But if you aim at everyone, including hardcore gym-goers and casuals, then you end up appealing to everyone but not standing out to anyone in particular. 

Knowing what you will need for your customers should tie into your business plan. Go back to what you do best and know well. If you are into martial arts, bodybuilding, or yoga, your gym should reflect you and have equipment that ties into this. 

4. Consider Domestic Sourcing for Wholesale Fitness Equipment

If you buy abroad, you can get some extremely low deals at first glance. Everything from lifting equipment to multi-station workout machines can be bought at a fraction of the price. However, they often conceal a lot of charges in their pricing. 

Firstly, many of them come from China. This is because there, exports via post are subsidized. However, you will most likely have to pay a tax as they enter the country.  In addition, many of them will have minimum order quantities, so you may need to buy a lot.

If you do purchase them, you have to consider what you will do if they are not satisfactory. Are you really going to send a lot of gym equipment back? This could have taken months to arrive.

Consider domestic sourcing. Yes, you may pay a little more, but after added fees, it will most likely work out the same. You can also return any defective products. 

5. Ask For Testimonials

Like any business, fitness equipment wholesalers should be able to give some examples of previous work. Ask them to see some gym layouts, or ask for other gyms they have supplied in the local area. Many of them will be more than happy to provide examples, and may even be able to give helpful advice.

Once you have this information, contact the gym owners. Check what they thought of the service and the equipment. 

6. Ask for a Competitive Quote

Finally, when you have your list of gym equipment contact a few dealers. See what quotes they come back to you with. You may find that quotes for the same gym equipment come at very different prices. 

Sometimes, quotes may also offer you extras. These could include assembly or extended warranties, so take these into account. They could be just as valuable as cash or monetary discounts in terms of time. 

Budget Accordingly

Always set a budget when buying wholesale fitness equipment. If not, you can end up running way over as you get attracted to the number of goods on offer. Stick to a budget as overspent funds will just mean cuts in other areas.

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