7 Fitness Equipment Shopping Mistakes to Avoid for Your Gym

 |  Thomas Ferriere

There are over 32,000 health clubs in the US. So, how can you make sure your gym stands out from the rest?

High-quality fitness equipment is one of the best ways to encourage people to join your gym. They want to make sure they can meet their fitness goals with your fitness equipment options. You want to make sure the equipment is also safe, durable, and functions correctly. 

However, there is a lot of equipment for gyms available, which can make it overwhelming. And it means it is easy to make fitness equipment shopping mistakes, which can quickly break your business. 

Read on to learn the top seven fitness equipment shopping mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Having a Plan 

Do not get carried away with all the fitness equipment options. Yes, they might look good, but have you thought about what your gym needs? Not all gyms are the same, and you want to consider the needs of your consumers.

If you are a strength-focused gym, you want to prioritize weight machines, free weights, and bodyweight spaces. If your gym is a general fitness center, you want to find a balance between cardio and weighted equipment. However, without a plan, you can quickly lose focus and end up with equipment that does not serve your gym's purpose. 

Nine in ten Americans plan to continue with home-workouts, so you want to ensure your fitness equipment options appeal to them. More than ever, gyms need to offer equipment options and spaces that people do not have at home. Be sure to set a business plan and fitness goals for your gym before investing in equipment. 

2. Ignoring Reviews

Whether you are buying fitness equipment online or in person, you should always check independent reviews. Yes, an influencer may be advertising it, or it has great technical features, but how does it work in practice?

Reviews give you the most accurate idea of the functionality and quality of equipment. Always check reviews before investing, as they could save you a lot of problems and wasted money. Plus, they can point you in the direction of better quality options too.

You can also check the reviews for the fitness equipment distributor. You want to ensure they have a good customer service policy, a refund policy and support you if issues arise. 

3. Not Considering Dimensions 

That rowing machine looks great, but does it actually fit in the space you have allocated for it? Always measure the dimensions of your gym space before investing in gym equipment. And check the dimensions of the equipment are aligned with the space; otherwise, your dream gym might not become a reality. 

If you are buying fitness equipment online, remember that equipment can be bulky. You want to allocate enough space in your gym so it does not look cluttered. A cluttered space looks bad and increases the risk of health and safety issues, such as falls or poor sanitation

4. Sticking With Traditional Buying Ideas

It is common to think the only option, or the best option you have, is to buy new gym equipment. But this is not true. There are many different new and used equipment options, so you can find the best way to obtain the fitness equipment you need.

For example, Global Fitness offers remanufactured and used fitness equipment. There are also options to lease and rent gym equipment, which may better suit your business model. 

5. Just Following Trends 

Fitness trends can give you an indication of your target audience's wants and needs. But there is a danger of just investing in gym equipment that suits a particular trend: what happens when that trend ends?

You need to find a balance between recognizing fitness trends and providing quality equipment that suits long-term fitness goals. Think outside the box to provide a unique experience for members. For example, you can customize equipment to align it closer to your brand and give members an experience they will remember. 

It is good to research new technical equipment, but is it durable? Does it increase your electricity bill? Do not get swept up in the trend; take a step back and consider if it works for your space. 

Consumers are not looking for complicated machines. They want easy-to-use, safe, and durable equipment that helps them achieve their fitness goals. 

6. Not Budgeting 

The good news is that there is a range of fitness equipment options out there. One of the biggest fitness equipment buying mistakes gyms make overspending and not being able to afford other aspects of running a gym or even getting all the equipment they need.

Budgeting will help you determine if renting equipment is better for you. It will also help you decide between new and used equipment options. Consider what the better equipment option for your gym is and what will be worth the investment.

7. Not Considering Extra Services

When you look at buying fitness equipment online, you might not consider the distributor's services. But you are making an investment, and you want to make sure that investment is backed up by a supportive company. Ask about their warranty services and what other customer support they provide. 

Also, if you are considering renting equipment, ask what maintenance support is provided during the contract. You do not want to find that you have no support when issues arise. Opting for a quality distributor will ensure your gym equipment investments pay off.

Avoid Fitness Equipment Shopping Mistakes

Starting a gym or refurbishing your gym is an exciting time. But do not get swept up in the excitement. You need to allocate time to find the quality fitness equipment to complement your dream gym.

Otherwise, you can quickly fall into these fitness equipment shopping mistakes. Now you know these mistakes, you can take action to avoid them. One of the best actions you can take is buying or renting equipment from Global Fitness.

Global Fitness has been a world leader in fitness equipment options for over 20 years. Contact us today to discuss your gym equipment needs. 

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