7 Gym Equipment Essentials You Need

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Breaking into the health and fitness industry can be intimidating. The industry generates over 80 billion dollars per year. With such a large industry, gyms and other fitness centers offer diverse options for when it comes to getting in shape. Some gyms provide group fitness classes, while others stick to more traditional offerings. These include cardio machines and dumbbells. Planning on opening a gym and interested in some helpful tips regarding choosing the right equipment? Keep reading below for seven gym equipment essentials you absolutely need to have to keep clients coming back for more.

1. Treadmill Gym Equipment

To please clients, having multiple treadmills in your gym should be one of your first steps. Treadmills are staples are in gyms and unless you have them, you likely will turn off many potential clients. Cardio is great for weight loss, but also provides other benefits. These include improving the strength of heart and lungs and even increasing bone density. Improving bone density can benefit clients of all ages, but especially those who are older and want to prevent osteoporosis. Treadmills can provide workout options for all levels. Those starting out can briskly walk for 30 minutes or more advanced clients can complete longer runs or HIIT sessions. Another great reason to include treadmills in your gym is that people can often do other things while walking. For example, many people who are short on time or don't love cardio will bring a book or flashcards to multitask while doing their cardio.

2. Elliptical

In addition to treadmills, you should invest in ellipticals for core gym equipment. An elliptical provides a low impact alternative to treadmills. This can be helpful for those rehabbing an injury or just starting out with cardio. Jumping on an elliptical is fairly straightforward so can be helpful for anyone nervous about going to a gym for the first time. And based on the machine, it forces good posture. As with treadmills, you can also get a good sweat session by doing a HIIT workout. One benefit of doing treadmill cardio? By using ellipticals, you also get an arm workout in at the same time. Ellipticals also let you move in reverse. This changes what muscles you are using and places the focus on your quads and glutes. No matter the style of workout you complete, by jumping on an elliptical, you will burn calories and improve your overall fitness.

3. Yoga Mats

Moving away briefly from workout machines, to fill your gym successfully you can't forget about yoga/pilates mat. This is a no-brainer if you intend to offer group yoga or pilates classes, but even if you don't, they should be available for your clients as standard gym equipment. Mats provide a cushion during workouts where you are on the ground. They also provide stability when doing balance poses common in yoga or pilates. Yoga and stretching are good additions to any cardio or weight focus training plan. This is because it gives clients a chance to improve their flexibility and decreases the risk of injury.

4. Barbells

Right up there with treadmills, barbells are definitely considered essential gym equipment. With barbells, your clients can focus on their arms and resistance training. Some gyms place more focus on weight machines over barbells because they think they are safer. With proper form and education, this is totally false. Combining both can lead to a well-rounded fitness routine. To meet the needs of all clients, it is important to have plates at different weights. If you are tight on space, you can search for adjustable weight plates.

5. Free Weights

In addition to barbells, your gym also needs a full set of dumbbells. Dumbbells provide additional options, especially if someone wants to focus on one side of their body at a time. Free weights or dumbbells are versatile and allow someone to start with very low weight and work their way up. Because you have more range of motion with free weights, using them often feels better than machines for those new to strength training. By using free weights, you can create a workout plan specific to you. Research also suggests that using free weights can lead to improved strength faster than weight machines. This is because when using free weights, you can engage more muscles than when using a machine focused on one area. In addition to free weights, you could also shop around for kettlebells. They are good for different types of workouts and can often provide a higher burn workout. Exercise moves like kettlebell swings work your abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

6. Bench

Until you add a few benches to your gym, it will feel incomplete to clients. Search for adjustable benches, as these provide the most value to clients and are essential pieces of gym equipment. With benches that are adjustable, you can change the angles to target different muscle groups. Benches also allow your gym clients to do bench presses, one of the most useful lifting moves to build strength in the upper body. Other lifting accessories you could consider are resistance and TRX suspension bands.

7. Bosu Ball

One gym equipment item that you may forget, but you shouldn't, is a Bosu ball. Bosu balls can supplement any routine and create variety with moves like squats, push-ups, and other resistance moves. Doing sit-ups on a Bosu ball will help you work your core more than regular crunches on the floor. Using a Bosu ball can also help clients focus on their balance and stability. Working on these elements helps prevent injuries.

Get All Your Gym Equipment Essentials

Now you've got a list of 7 absolute equipment essentials if you're planning on launching your own gym and attracting fitness clients! Once you've got your purchases planned, you can start creating workout routines that implement each type of equipment. Did we miss any equipment that you think is essential for every gym? Let us know in the comments! Want to keep on top of fitness news and equipment technology to keep your gym in tip-top shape? Check out the other articles in our fitness equipment blog to stay in the loop!

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