8 Factors To Consider When Buying A Used Stationary Bike

 |  Brett Labistour

Are you thinking about picking up a stationary bike to get yourself into shape? This is a great step toward being a better you! As you’re shopping around though, you can’t help but notice that a lot of the bikes are out of your price range. What a letdown.

Instead of giving up your fitness dreams, why not look into getting a used bike? Used equipment is usually a lot cheaper than buying new. There are a few parts you’ll have to look at very closely when buying a used bike, however. 

To help you in your bike buying here are a few of the things that you’ll need to check out when buying a used stationary bike.

1. Safety

When buying a bike it's important to note that it comes with a ton of moving parts that could lead to injury. It's crucial that you observe any bike that you're buying used carefully to make sure that all of these parts are still in top working order.

You can ask the seller about what went into the refurbishing process and also check if it comes with all safety precautions included. 

2. Height 

If your bike isn't comfortable for you to use not only will it put a serious strain on your body, but it will also become about as useful as a paperweight because you're never going to bother with it. The good news is that most bikes are adjustable to fit all height ranges. 

Just be sure that when your buying used that this feature still works seamlessly and doesn't stick or fall down to the lowest height because it can't stay in place.

3. Resistance Levels 

Most stationary bikes allow you to adjust your resistance levels so you can pick the ideal resistance for your fitness ability. It's ideal for you to get a used bike with this setting because if the bikes natural resistance is too high then you'll stop using it.  You won't have the stamina for it. 

The same thing happens if the resistance level is too low. You won't be able to have a challenging workout and so you'll never use the bike. 

4. Seat Comfort 

Seats are probably the easiest thing for you to test. If you're buying online customers leave reviews and if you're at a brick and mortar store, the seat is in front of you and in a prime sitting position. 

With each seat you try out, envision yourself sitting on it for over an hour at a time. If your answer is no you can't, you'll want to move on and try a new one because it will be hard to work out if the seat hurts. When searching for a used bike you have the benefit of the seat already being broken in.  

5. Pedals

Pedals are also an easy thing to check in the store. You just want to make sure that when you pedal, the movement is fluid. If it's not then it will be a little hard to use your bike for long periods of time. 

Another thing that you want to look at is the foot straps on the pedals. They need to be able to keep your foot securely attached to the pedal. If your foot manages to slip out this can lead to injury. 

On top of injury, it's also hard to focus on pedaling when your foot keeps slipping and ruining your momentum. 

6. Weight Compacity

Each bike falls into a certain weight compacity. You'll need to spring for a used bike that's in your weight range. If you don't you'll put too much strain on the parts which can cause it to wear out faster. If you aren't lucky it will end up breaking while you're using it. 

On the flip side of things, you'll also be inured if the bike you get is too lightweight for you. It could flip over and fall on top of you. 

7. Budget 

Nothing is worse than finding your dream bike and then not being able to afford it. Luckily for you, quality doesn't really match up with price when it comes to a stationary bike. It's easy to get a good one that will fit in your price range. 

Since you are shopping used you have even more price options than you would if you were shopping new. Used exercise equipment is always cheaper than newer. So, if there is a certain model you're looking at and it's expensive new, try looking for it used. 

8. Warranty

It would be awful for you to buy a used stationary bike just for it to break down on you a few weeks later. This is why you always want to check the warranty. Even though you're getting used equipment there is typically some sort of warranty. 

Most issues, if they are going to show up, do so within the first year so make sure that any bike you get has at least a one year warranty. 

Your Guide to Buying a Used Stationary Bike

If you want to exercise but don't have a lot of cash to throw around, consider buying a used stationary bike. You're sure to find one that's in your budget with all the bells and whistles that you need. We hope that you're able to use this helpful guide so you know what to look for when you start your shopping process.

If you can't afford to buy used equipment, why not lease it? Contact us for more information on our prices and products. 

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