Global Fitness and Bally Build Bond to Reduce Deficit with China

 |  Brett Labistour

Why Is Everyone Talking About China?

It’s not a secret, China’s dominance in this global economy continues to impacts the USA. In 2010, the USA trade deficit with China was $252 billion, the largest between any two countries. This is slightly down from the record high of $268 set in 2008.

Bally started his own chain of gym facilities in China

Trade Gap Graph Chinese Trade Gap in August 2010 On a brighter note, one of China’s former head executives of Bally (a well known American Health Club Chain), started his own international chain of gym facilities as well as gym equipment distribution. This 21st-century entrepreneur signed an exclusive deal with Global Fitness to supply all the top brand fitness equipment, such as Precor and Life Fitness, to all of his club facilities worldwide as wells as an agreement to be the gym equipment reseller for their international clients. The current health club chain is being developed throughout China. All the equipment for the second health club was just shipped to China and more gyms will follow after this completion. Stay posted for more details! With the big trade disparity between China and the USA, this fitness partnership will not bridge the gap but every bit helps to strengthen the import/export business between the two countries.

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