Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills Come Early to GFI Production

 |  Brett Labistour

The Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills Arrived

Used Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills are a rarity this early in is life cycle but we have already received a batch. Global Fitness maintains worldwide title as the Largest Manufacturer of Used Wholesale Gym Equipment. This time, we recently acquired more than 30 of the latest generation Life Fitness treadmills; the Elevation Series. These treadmills are in stock and ready to ship TODAY! Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmills Life Fitness has been a long-time leader in exercise innovation and personalized workout solutions. With The Elevation™ Series, these treadmills take cardio workouts to new heights and deliver an unforgettable exercise experience for all levels of fitness. Integrated consoles and attachable TVs give users access to their favorite TV programming, iPod® music and video; a virtual trainer and the ability to create workouts and track results.

LifeFitness – Reliability, Durability and Innovation.

This partnership between Global Fitness and Life Fitness provides you with only the best gym equipment in today's market. The modern technology at Life Fitness mixed with the superior customer satisfaction at Global Fitness allows for a smooth, inexpensive exercise equipment buying experience.

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