Some fitness buffs shell out nearly $200 a month for a gym membership. This is why starting a business in the fitness industry will lead you to success.

But how do you make your ROI? Gym gear can get expensive. But this is when used gym gear comes in.

Other than the lower cost, there are other benefits when buying used gym equipment. Here are a few you should know about.

Benefits of Buying Used Gym Equipment

If you want to own a gym but are on a budget, buying used gym gear can give you a successful gym for a fraction of the cost. Here are other reasons to buy used gym gear.

You’re Saving Money

The fitness industry is at an all-time high.

Exercise helps prevent significant health problems such as cardiac problems. In addition, exercise helps you maintain the optimum weight. Exercise also helps relieve mental ailments and improves your overall well-being.

You want to provide the best equipment for your customers.

But a mistake new gym owners make is buying the newest and most expensive gear. But even your fitness aficionado customers may not mind or notice if they’re used slightly older equipment.

Used gym equipment can help your business save money.

Convenient for New Gyms

Did you recently open up your gym?

If you haven’t received many sales, buying used gear can help stock up your gym with high-performing equipment. This way, you can gain a steady clientele and use that money toward buying newer gear in the future.

Used Gym Equipment Is Still High Quality

Have you ever worked in the food industry? If so, you know this situation — a customer orders a meal, completely untouched. Yet, they decide they want something new.

What do you do with the old meal that they never even ate? You throw it out.

Something similar happens with gym equipment.

Gyms and even consumers make it a point to carry only the newest equipment models, especially when going through a renovation. They throw out their old gear that works perfectly fine.

Instead of leaving it in the dump, they often sell the old equipment to companies that refurbish the gear and sell it to consumers.

Yes, the gear has been used. But it still works perfectly fine and is maintained for performance. In addition, some broken or worn down pieces of gym gear can be fixed and sold for a cheaper price.

You Can Find Diversity

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to stay in shape. It’s also beneficial to diversify a workout. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a variety of different types of workout equipment in your gym.

If you buy brand new, these costs get expensive.

Fortunately, used gym equipment is cheaper and you can easily find diverse gym gear for an affordable price. Some of this gear includes various weights and weight machines and all types of cardio machines.

Important Used Gym Gear Buying Tips to Follow

Now that you know how to buy used gym gear, where do you start? Here are some important tips to follow.

Know If You Need Commercial or Residential

There are two types of used fitness gear you’ll come across — commercial or residential.

Residential gear is ideal for a home gym. While this gear is high-quality, it can’t withstand high-traffic.

That’s why businesses should look for commercial gym gear. This equipment is durable enough to withstand lots of use and is made for longevity. This option is best for small gyms, health clubs, cruise ships, hotels, and even movie sets.

Know the Terminology

When shopping for used gym equipment, you might see some of these terms:

  • Pre-owned
  • Refurbished
  • Floor model
  • Remanufactured
  • Reconditioned

These words are complex for an amateur.

What do they mean? This can get tricky because they’re all similar. For example, “refurbished” means renovate and “remanufactured” means rebuilt. It’s best you contact the sales rep and ask for more clarification on these terms.

Understand the Warranty

Even though used gym equipment is high-quality, there’s always a chance something will break or go wrong. That’s why it’s best to read through the warranty before buying.

Each company offers a different warranty. Opt for a business that offers a generous warranty and one who will assist you if something goes wrong with your equipment.

Do Your Research

This should apply to all investments but it’s especially important in the used fitness industry. Research everything before buying. This includes the original brand, the exact model of the gear, and the buyer of the used gear.

First off, ensure there’s a legitimate reason why the gear is refurbished and sold again. If you see any recalls on the gear, don’t buy the products.

Second, take some time to research the seller’s background. Do they have good reviews? Do they have a reputable clientele? Did they receive good reviews?

Even though used gym equipment is affordable, you can’t afford to invest in low-quality gym equipment or working with a shady business.

Are You Looking for Used Gym Equipment?

There are many benefits to buying used gym equipment for your business. However, you can’t afford to settle for a sketchy company because they sell cheap gear. You need to ensure the company you work with is there for you.

We sell a variety of different types of gym equipment, including strength and cardio equipment. We also offer a leasing option, a supportive warranty, servicing, and the option to sell your gym equipment.

Shop with us today!

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