Refurbished Fitness Equipment for 64 Gyms

 |  Brett Labistour

Global Fitness has tapped into the corporate market

Global secured a deal to supply 64 workout facilities with Refurbished Fitness Equipment for one of the world’s largest corporate call centers. This corporation has offices in 7 counties with 90{da057a4db0ee33a79479ac0c1e43a48e79f986b1c0fac9f42e229682af0d05aa} in the United States and employs over 78,000 call-center workers. Refurbished Fitness Equipment Refurbished Fitness Equipment Call center companies can require long hours and limited mobility. Companies are beginning to recognize the importance of daily fitness and how it can produce happier employees.     Here’s why:
  • Exercise promotes healthy employees
  • Healthy employees are more productive and require less sick days annually
  • Onsite gyms are convenient and a perk to most employees
  • Healthy employees will lower health insurance premiums
  • Employees work harder for compassionate employers
Global Fitness is proud to assist in the corporate business world by improving overall health and happiness of call-center employees.

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