Shia LaBeouf loves Global Fitness

 |  Brett Labistour
The film presents Shia LaBeouf as Jerry Shaw, who is grappling with the death of his twin brother. Jerry is a college dropout who works in a copy center, while his late brother studied parallel algorithms and was a resident genius employed by the Air Force. The scenario: A suspected terrorist is in the back seat of an SUV bouncing along a road in Afghanistan as a U.S. spy drone follows it from the skies overhead. The drone detects a cell phone in the car, captures its number and sends it to Washington, D.C. Intelligence agents dial the number. As its owner starts to answer it, they order the camera to snap a photo, which is transmitted to a distant American command center where a missile attack is being considered. LaBeouf's character is an irresponsible charmer who plays poker to pay the rent and sketches pretty girls he sees on the bus. He's also on a bit of a Luddite streak, which only heightens the anxiety when a mysterious voice on the phone informs him: "You've been activated." From then on, everything around him that has a computer chip in it is used to frame him and push him on a mysterious mission.

Global Fitness is The main supplier of fitness equipment for DreamWorks

Dreamworks teamed up with Caruso to create this intense adventure packed thriller but to accommodate the actors with their strenuous action scenes Dreamworks purchased Refurbished Fitness equipment from Global Fitness. Global Fitness has such a great variety of brand name equipment that they are the first choice for many major companies and clients like Shia Labeouf for refurbished fitness equipment. Global fitness is a reliable source for gym equipment and customer service.

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