Shipping Fitness Equipment Overseas - Do's & Don't's

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Global Fitness’s longtime shipping partner, CFR Rinkens specializes in shipping fitness equipment overseas and other freight all around the world. Their team is dedicated to great customer service, and handle everything from door-to-door throughout cities and ports all around the world. We’ve teamed up to provide readers with some shipping tips on importing and exporting fitness equipment.

Avoid Doing These Things When Shipping Fitness Equipment Overseas

Don't go for a manufacturer who has the lowest rates. Do some research before committing, a couple extra dollars on equipment can go a long way. Don't settle for the freight forwarder the manufacturer offers. Often times, manufacturers hire their preferred freight forwards who just ship the cargo without notifying you. This can cause problems and penalties upon arrival into the U.S. If you are not being asked to fill out paperwork prior to shipping, you should raise a red flag. Freight forwarders you work with should also be C-TPAT certified. C-TPAT certified C-TPAT certified Don't assume vessels and customs will be as accommodating. Your freight forwarder can plan a flawless shipping itinerary for you but they cannot prevent delays due to late vessel arrivals, or a customs inspection. Don't forget to have your trucker or freight forwarder put shipping seals on the container after loading. The cargo could be compromised without a proper seal, or the port could reject it for international shipping. Don't ship to a foreign country without consulting with your freight forwarder first. There are many restrictions for different countries and your agent can best advise how on how to proceed. Don't ignore emails with paper trails. Customs will always ask for paperwork, and if you cannot provide it, there is a hefty price to pay.

Be Sure to Practice These Tips When Preparing Shipping fitness equipment overseas

Do ask industry people or dealers like Global Fitness for reputable manufacturers in China and anywhere else in the world prior to placing an order. CFR RinkensDo some research on freight forwarding companies like CFR Rinkens to handle your international shipping. They give all-inclusive rates so there aren’t surprises upon arrival. Selecting your own freight forwarder means you can rest easy knowing someone is on your side taking care of your equipment. Do have your paperwork handy such as a commercial invoice, packing list, and bill of lading prior to shipping. This will make a smoother customs clearance. Do let your agent know ahead of time if you have deadlines for cargo so they can accommodate and schedule accordingly. Do make sure the weight is distributed evening when loading in the container. Often times, ports or rail yards will not accept overweight containers. Do check on import restrictions in the country you are shipping to. Some countries may require licenses, special inspections, or even have age limitations. Agents like CFR Rinkens can assist with such research. CFR Rinkens are available to quote 7 days a week, and also have a live chat feature on their website, to help any anytime. If you still in the purchasing phase of your en devour, please browse our live inventory of used fitness equipment to see if we can fill some of your equipment needs.

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Jason Shay

April 26, 2019 at 04:31am

Great tips Connie, I plan on shipping some gym equipment from the US to Australia, I’ll try connecting with you through your website for some rates…

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