Used Gym Equipment for Flex Fitness, New Zealand

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Flex Fitness EQUIPPED his New Zealand gym center with used gym equipment

Tyler Leith stocked his New Zealand gym, Flex Fitness, which serves as the training center for one of the country's top soccer teams, with used gym equipment from Global Fitness. Transcribe:

My name's Tyler Leith. Flex Fitness is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The first step for me was looking online, seeing what overseas had to offer in terms of used gym equipment. There were a few companies out there, but Global Fitness stood out for us. Their website made it easy because of the pictures of the gears that we were getting and the variety.

I got in contact with Roy, He was very friendly and gave me all the information that I needed. He even provided different options to fit the price bracket that we were after. Together, we worked through all the things that we needed to in order to make this gym work for us.

As soon as I walked into the warehouse, they had gear as far as I could see, every piece of machinery that I was after. Some of the team took me through, showed me everything from the production line to upholstery. They showed me all through the gear.

We had a look at some other competitors, but they could not match the prices that Global Fitness were offering us. Not to mention the service and the friendly staff that really made a worthwhile trip.

Lieth's new Sports Performance Training Center is up and running

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup on home turf, professional athlete and rugby player, Tyler Leith, understands that there is no better time than the present to put together the ideal athletic center for athletes and locals alike. The New Zealand "All Blacks" Rugby team is already in training, looking to be the competition's best bet for victory despite the determination of rival team, the South African Springboks. With Lieth's new Sports Performance Training Center already up and running, thanks to Global Fitness (the leading US Fitness Equipment Distributor), the All Blacks will undoubtedly be in their best shape ever.

Global Fitness International Gym Equipment Sales:

Used Gym Equipment Warehouse Global Fitness Rosecrans Warehouse With over 16 years of experience exporting Fitness Equipment to New Zealand, Australia and all over the world, Global Fitness will make your investment and import simple, inexpensive, and comfortable.     International Used Gym Equipment Sales Services:
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  • Supply of International shipping documentation & preparations
  • Best prices
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Huge variety of Refurbished Fitness Equipment
  • Voltage Conversions | 100, 220 & 240
  • Monitors | PAL & NTSC Conversions
  • Display Readouts | Metric Conversions
  • Flights: Accommodations & Transfers
  • Tours of Local Gyms We Equipped
  • Scenic City Tour and Meals
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April 26, 2019 at 04:31am

Am intereted in used gym equipment pls forward me more details

Peter Lai

April 26, 2019 at 04:31am


I want to know more about cost to import used equipment to New Zealand.

I own Creo Fitness Manukau in New Zealand,

I am looking at possibly replacing my old cardio equipment with some used gear. Wondering if it is a cost effective solution, if i say loading up a 20’ container with 8 treadmils and then maybe some other gear etc to fill it up.

It will be great if we can get some idea on cost on shipping and things


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