VH1 is Hungry for Fitness Equipment

 |  Brett Labistour

Global Fitness Supplied VH1 with cutting-edge Fitness Equipment

The new, popular VH1 weight-loss show “Money Hungry”, features some of today’s cutting-edge workout Fitness Equipment all supplied by Global Fitness. When VH1 approached Global Fitness in regards to the new reality show, they requested only to work with top fitness manufacturers for these grueling weight-loss workouts. Once again, Global Fitness, the largest wholesale gym equipment supplier based in Los Angeles, CA, was chosen to supply each piece of strength and cardio equipment for the VH1 show. Cast of Money Hungry VH1 's Money Hungry Cast on set posing with host Dan Cortese   Money Hungry is not only the new weight-loss reality show but there’s a twist: the $100,000 grand prize will be pooled from the contestants’ bank accounts. Sometimes the desire to lose weight is not enough motivation to make it happen. So what if it was required to put $10,000 of your very own hard earned cash on the line? Would you lose the most weight? 12 pairs of contestants will find out this fall with grueling challenges, supersized temptations, and pressure-filled weigh-ins. And the top weight-shedding pair will win the $100,000 grand prize. Global Fitness is the proud cardio and strength equipment supplier for this popular weight loss fitness show. Stay tuned for Money Hungry this Fall 2010, Mondays at 9/8c

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