What Are the Benefits of Having Used Hammer Strength Equipment in My Gym?

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The US spends nearly $10 billion dollars a year on fitness equipment. With such an investment, it's important to ensure you are getting the very best for your gym. That's why so many gym owners have used hammer strength equipment for their gym. If you are curious about the benefits of Hammer Strength Equipment, read on for more information and to see if Hammer Strength is the right brand of equipment for your gym.

About Hammer Strength Equipment

Hammer Strength was created in 1989 by Gary Jones, a professional bodybuilder and engineer. After collaborating with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones designed and constructed high-level workout machines built on a foundation of biomechanics. One of the signature attributes of Hammer Strength equipment is that the machines move in the same manner the body does. Hammer Strength Equipment is now featured in countless gyms and training facilities and considered some of the most quality machines on the market.

What Should Be in Your Gym

Whether you are building a gym for your home or for commercial reasons, there are some signature pieces of equipment that is necessary for an optimal, full body workout. The ideal equipment for a gym includes:
  • Training bench
  • Dumbbell Set
  • Barbell set
  • KettleBell Set
  • Pull-Up Frame and Bar
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary Bicycle
  • Rowing Machine
  • Fitness Ball (Exercise Ball)
  • Work Out Accessories (ideal for rolling and stretching)

Why Weight Machines are The Way to Go

While many may argue that weight machines work against your progress, they are actually the core of any real workout routine. First, choosing to work with a machine instead of open weights will help set you up for a safer workout, as the machines offer a level of support to prevent injuries. It's also important to note that you can also increase your weight load through a machine more easily than you could with free weights, and that you have a larger variety of intensity boosting techniques to choose from.

The Benefits of Having Used Hammer Strength Equipment

There are a number of benefits offered to you (or your clients) if you choose to use Hammer strength equipment in your gym over traditional free weights. Some of these benefits include:

Muscle Fiber Recruitment

While it may seem more beneficial that free weights make you work harder, there are a number of problems that can come without balanced weights. Not only are you greatly increasing your risk of injury, but the lack of recovery time after putting yourself through intense work may hinder your workout routine. You may also find that having to work harder to stabilize the weights reduces the number of reps that can be done, reducing the amount of time you workout.


When it comes to free weights, you just don't have the same versatility or range as you do working out with Hammer Strength Equipment. Hammer Strength Equipment was created to change and adapt as you grow stronger, so you can integrate new motions and engage new muscles through the use of chords, wires, and weights. This cannot be achieved simply through the use of free weights, so you will only be engaging the same muscles repeatedly while neglecting the rest.


When working out with free weights, you don't have much say or control over the amount of resistance you have during your workout. You are limited to your own body weight, the weights you choose, and the limited positions you can use. However, with the use of Hammer Strength Equipment, you can use the numerous elements of the equipment to control the resistance and intensity of each movement, Not only does this engage new muscles but helps you determine how hard they work.

Unilateral Movement

Having a quality workout means equally working out each side of your body. However, it's difficult to achieve this through the use of free weights. As each weight is not hinged on a balancing chord, you may be exerting different levels of work on each side. This can create an uneven look in muscle-tone, and can even affect your posture and create spinal problems.


It can be difficult to up your weights while working with free weights, as going higher than your capability can easily result in injury. However, when working out on a Hammer Strength machine, you can easily challenge yourself without risking injury. Since increasing your weights means simply adjusting the weight level, it's easier to determine your capabilities as you become stronger.

Safety Considerations

No matter what type of equipment you use in your gym, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. These tips include the following:
  • Whether using free weights or a machine, always pay attention to your form.
  • If you are using free weights, be sure to have a spotter or gym partner
  • Remain hydrated throughout your workout
  • Always return the machine or the weights back to their original state
  • Always start your workout with a warm-up and end it with a cool off
  • Work with a weight level you can handle

Finding the Right Equipment for Your Gym

If you have used Hammer Strength equipment in the past, then you're aware of their machines many benefits and unique designs. However, you may not be sure if these machines are the right choice for your gym. To learn more about Hammer Strength equipment or to discover other equipment options for your gym, contact us today. 

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Amazing article! I learned a lot from this. I didn’t know there are lots of benefits with just using it. It’s also nice that you’ve listed all the considerations.

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