10 of the Best Strength Training Machines Every Gym Should Have

 |  Brett Labistour
The fitness and health industry is worth nearly $30 billion and is projected to continue growing. Which is why it's worth investing in the right equipment and exercise machines to take your business to the next level. Whether you are looking to stock up a home gym or open the ultimate gym for fitness enthusiasts, we've put together our picks of the top ten machines to include. Read on to start building your dream gym.

What to Look for When Buying Exercise Machines

Each exercise machine will have its share of benefits or disadvantages, but for the sake of your business there are some particular details you want to look for:
  • Machines that are easy to modify.
  • Machines that are expected at gyms.
  • Machines that are rare to find at gyms (added value).
  • Machines that reduce the chance of injury.
  • Machines that work for multiple muscle groups.

1.Lateral Pull Downs

Lateral Pull Downs is the perfect way to help your customers work out their shoulder girdle and their latissumis dorsi (also known as the broader area of the back). This machine is perfect for beginners who can't quite complete a full pull-up yet. It works the same areas of the muscles without risking injury from overworking the area. There are also multiple positions that work for this machine to control the amount of work done in the biceps.

2. Hamstring Curl

Getting that extra lift in the rear requires serious work in the upper hamstrings, which is why a hamstring curl machine is a favorite among gym goers. This one straight forward movement has isolated muscle concentration and can be done with control for maximum results. Since the hamstrings are one of the more difficult muscles to target, this machine is essential to give your customers full-body results.

3. Leg Extension

You may have heard leg extensions referred to as "knee snaps" by frequent gym goers. This machine helps your customers receive that "teardrop" looks in the quadriceps, an essential part of the toned and muscular physique. Again, this is machine tends to focus on one area of the muscle that tends to be underused which is why it yields such great results in such a short amount of time. In fact, your customers won't need to put in more than 15 reps.

4. Pec Dec Machine

The Pec Dec machine is a must for any gym, as the majority of your customers will want to enhance their chest area. This machine focuses on the pectoral region and is low impact enough to be implemented into a series of workouts. There are some claims that this machine works both the inner and outer regions of the chest muscle, however, studies have yet to support this.

5. Preacher Curl Machine

We're not quite sure why this machine is called the preacher curl machine, but it may have something to do with your customers praying for mercy after using this machine. Which is why we love it! This machine focuses only on the biceps and requires a squeezing motion that enhances blood flow to the region. There are also a number of heights and positions that can be used to take full advantage of this machine.

6. Seated Calf Raise

While most of your customers likely dread calf day, no one is looking for the "chicken leg" look either. Help them out with this machine that targets the calf region through controlled, isolated movements. The seated calf raise machine usually needs only 20 reps to enhance the size of the calf region, so customers can add it into their workout a good 2-3 times a week.

7. Seated Row

The seated row (also known as the low row) is a favorite among frequent gym goers thanks to the focused workout that delivers powerful results throughout the back. This machine will help your customers achieve that thick, wide back look through a multitude of movements and modifications. The machine accessories can also be switched out to change up the grip and resistance. This is one machine you may want to add a few of.

8. Lateral Raise Machine

Like a lateral down machine, a lateral rais is used to isolate specific muscles in the arms, but can very easily be modified to target almost every area. This machine calls for slow and deliberate movements, without overworking one particular region. The distance, weight and handles used to make it easy to make a big change in one small modification. The final result is sculpted arms and shoulders that are body builder worthy.

9. Hammer Strength

You won't find hammer strength machines at every gym, which is why it's a great selling point to have one included in yours. These machines focus on giving the chest and back an in-depth workout in a short period of time. Thanks to the added security of the machine's design, your customers can stack up the weights without risking injury, unlike their standard bench press. Hence the fantastic results they yield.

10. Leg Press

A classic that is expected of any gym worth its salt. The leg press is an essential part of leg day that allows your customers to get in plenty of reps. When combined with squats and lifts it's the perfect machine for yielding muscular legs. This is another machine that can easily increase the weights with minimal risk of injury and allows your customers to challenge themselves each time they return.

Creating the Ultimate Gym

Through a combination of the right exercise machines, quality customer service, and amenities, you'll find a steady flow of traffic coming through your gym. If you're trying to create a well-stocked gym on a budget, we suggest checking out our guide to buying used fitness equipment. You'll quickly find you won't have to go overboard to bring quality equipment to your gym.

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