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10 Reasons You Should Rent Used Cybex Equipment

 |  Brett Labistour
Are you looking to fill a fitness center with great exercise equipment? If you are, you've likely noticed how pricey those machines can be. While you'll start to bring in funds to help pay for the machines, spending a huge amount of money up front may not be the best way to go. Luckily, you can also rent exercise equipment. Why would you want to rent equipment instead of buying it? There are plenty of reasons! Keep reading to discover ten reasons why renting used Cybex equipment may be the route for you.

1. Check Popularity

Are you unsure of how your customers will like a certain exercise machine? Renting equipment is a great way to offer different machines without getting stuck with ones people don't like. Try a few kinds and see how your customers react. If they don't like something, no problem. Simply stop renting it and try something else. Do you know if your customers like stepping machines? What about ellipticals? Renting will allow you to try many different machines. If you find one people really like, keep on renting it.

2. Allow Variety

When renting, you don't have to keep the same equipment around forever. Even if your customers like the machines you have, why not give them a shot at variety? Exercise can get monotonous, so keep people interested by offering different types of equipment. This may be especially helpful if your fitness center is small and can only accommodate a few machines at a time. Shake things up occasionally and keep things interesting by changing what kinds of equipment you have in your fitness center. Make sure you always keep the basics around though, or your customers won't be very happy.

3. Stay in Budget

Is there a certain machine you'd like to offer, but your budget doesn't currently have room for it? Renting is a great way to get what you want while staying within your means. When renting, you won't have to pay for the machine outright. You won't own it, but it won't matter. You can still offer it to those who come to your fitness center, and they won't know or care, that you rented instead of purchased their favorite machine.

4. Keep Funds Available

Even if your company has the funds to purchase a bunch of exercise equipment outright, that doesn't mean it's the best idea. Once you've spent money, it's gone forever. That means you won't be able to put it into other elements of your company. Renting allows you to fill your fitness center with equipment while keeping funds available for other things. If you spend all you have to outfit your center, what will you use if you end up with a water leak or electrical issue? Keeping your company's funds available is a smart move, and renting will let you do that.

5. Offer More

You may have a large sum of money that's actually available and set aside for purchasing equipment. That's great! But consider how much farther your money can go if you rent instead. Exercise equipment isn't cheap. So instead of putting a lump sum down to acquire a few machines, use that money to rent a lot of machines. You can then use the funds that come in from people using them to keep the cycle going.

6. Lower Maintenance Costs

Limit the amount you have to spend on maintenance by renting instead of buying. Purchased equipment if your responsibility and if it needs to be replaced, you have to buy a new machine. Rented equipment is another story, however. When a machine is broken or out-of-date, you can simply stop renting it and exchange it for something else!

7. Keep Things Fresh

Renting exercise equipment gives you the opportunity to offer the best that's available. Purchasing means you'll probably try to use the machine as much as you can before it runs out of steam. When renting, you'll be able to trade up for better machines when they become available, depending on your lease's terms. Choose a lease that allows you to offer the newest and best equipment, and you'll definitely have happy customers.

8. Write Them Off

How would you like to keep your exercise equipment up-to-date for practically nothing? Well, when you're renting, you can! When leasing equipment you'll have a monthly payment. When tax time comes around, you'll be able to write those payments off as operating expenses. Cha-ching! The money will stay in your pocket since you can write off the cost of offering the very items you use to bring the money in.

9. Know Your Operating Costs

Since you're operating a business, you'd like to know exactly how much it costs to operate, right? When renting, you'll have a pretty reliable number. Equipment rentals often come with fixed interest rates, so you'll know exactly what you'll owe each month. Stay on track of your company's finances by choosing a dependable monthly operating cost.

10. Specialize in What's Hot

Do you know of events that really get the locals going? If you know there's an event, like a marathon, coming up, focus your gear around it. Maybe you've noticed that each year when this big marathon comes around your treadmills get crowded. Keep customers happy by supplying more machines. You may also want to add extra machines during certain times of the year. The New Year usually brings more people to the gym. Provide more machines while more people are coming, then cut back when it gets slower. If you'd like to try this idea out, make sure there's provision for it in your lease.

You Should Rent Used Cybex Equipment

Renting used Cybex equipment clearly has many benefits. While purchasing the equipment for your fitness center can be a great idea, renting may be the better way to go. Consider your specific situation, and weigh the pros and cons. While purchasing can be beneficial, renting offers many opportunities that purchasing doesn't. Get started today and experience the benefits yourself! Are you ready to get going? Visit our site to learn more about the machines we have available for rent.

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