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2023 Gym Trends That You Should Know About

 |  Thomas Ferriere

88% of Americans are happier when exercising than when on social media. This was one of the findings of a study by Life Time, an affiliate of The Global Health and Fitness Association.

Many of us still live sedentary lifestyles, but staying fit is getting easier. Technology lets us get in shape at home, at lunch, and even when walking to work. Ride the wave of innovation up to the best shape of your life.

But how do you keep up with the latest fitness trends?

We have a guide to the 2023 gym trends to get you off the couch. If you're already off the couch, these trends will get you moving even faster.

Virtual Workouts Are Top of 2023 Gym Trends

Sparked by the pandemic, virtual workouts are here to stay. You can save time on your commute to the gym, socialize with other members, and get toned, all from your living room.

Virtual reality (VR) has changed the workout motivation game. Ever wanted to work out on a beach in Thailand? Now you can, either with a VR headset or your home entertainment system.

You can train with a celebrity or influencer, join a group fitness, or go solo. The choice is yours with a virtual gym.

Virtual cycling workouts are popular too. Based on cycle spin classes, these see you power up hills are round hairpin bends like you're in the Tour de France.

Smart Home Gym Equipment

Building on the virtual workout trend, home gyms have leaped to the next level too. Today, you can fill your gym with smart technology linked to your smartphone.

These let you track your fitness and workouts with smartphone apps. you can program workout routines, and show your friends your progress.

Shared fitness goals are one of the best sources of motivation. Make a pact with your friends, then see how each other is doing online. 

You can download workouts from fitness websites to keep things fresh. Smart gym equipment uses music, video, and meditation in your workouts to keep you going.

Wearable Fitness Tech Equipment Brands

Fitness trackers have been around for a while, but they get more advanced every year. They fit into the 2023 gym trends to look out for. Strap one to your wrist and get going.

You can track your workouts, inside or outdoors, with this tech. Gather data from your running, cycling, and hiking, then link it to your home workouts when you get back.

GPS can track your journey, then you can compare your times with the online fitness community. Some apps have a chart for certain segments of cycle trails, for example.

The best fitness trackers even monitor your sleep cycles to ensure you get enough rest. Invest in these to keep up in 2023.

Tabata Mixed with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This will get your blood pumping. It is one of the most intense 2023 gym trends. Tabata builds on HIIT techniques to burn fat, tone muscle, and get you in shape fast.

You work out as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then engage in 10 seconds of active rest. You repeat this cycle for a set amount of time of around 4 minutes in total. Phew!

You can swap exercises after your first 4-minute Tabata block. With HIIT, you change exercises whenever you wish. Two rounds of Tabata can burn fat and build muscle faster than almost any other fitness routine.

Vegan Foods to Fuel Your Workouts

Vegan foods are healthy for the environment and for your body. In fact, more and more fitness fans are using plant-based diets to fuel their workouts. There are abundant vegan protein sources, as well as carbs.

Lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are the go-to energy sources. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables keep your vitamin levels high. You can build muscle, but skip the negatives of a red meat diet.

Nutrition companies are creating new vegan fitness products all the time. Use pea protein instead of whey post-workout. Vegan pre-workout mixtures are more affordable than ever too.

Mental Health and Holistic Wellness

The link between mental health and physical activity has never been clearer. 2 years of restrictions made many of us adopt a frown. But now mental health is an integral part of 2023 gym trends.

Personal trainers are teaching yoga, meditation, and self-care skills to their routines. You can do the same at home with virtual workouts.

Tracking your workouts can boost your mental well-being. When you see your progress, and your ever-improving self-image, your happiness will soar.

Cardio is a favorite mood booster, and even a jog in the woods can lift your spirits. Today, gym workouts are about more than your body. The best gyms integrate holistic health into their business to give you an edge.

Sustainability at the Gym 

The eco-friendly gym is coming to a neighborhood near you. As the world gets more conscious of our environment, the fitness industry is moving with it. Why care for your body but not your planet?

Eco-friendly gym equipment is getting more popular. Single-use plastics will be a thing of the past; bring your water bottle. Recycled materials, second-hand gym equipment, and organics are on the rise too.

High-tech gyms even use elliptical machine energy to power their equipment. Pretty slick!

Check how your local gym is joining the eco-friendly trend.

Looking for Quality Gym Equipment?

These 2023 gym trends are around the corner. Keep up and invest in quality gym equipment to boost your workouts.

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