Use of Social Media Influencers in the Fitness Industry

 |  Thomas Ferriere

Looking to understand the sudden boom of fitness influencers in your timelines?

Social media influencers are now shaping many industries as we know them. Nowadays, fitness has become one of the major fields of interest in the online community. If you're a health and fitness brand, working with an influencer could be a good move for you.

Find out how the fitness industry makes use of social media influencers to grow their brands now.

The Rising Social Media Influence

Social media has been a fast-developing platform in the past decade. It's not only for communication and entertainment but also for marketing. From its usage peak more than a decade ago, social media usage has gotten a drastic increase as each year pass.

Throughout the years, many people have seen social media as a way to socialize and network. It's the most popular form of online activity, with over 4.33 billion users worldwide

Generation Z users frequent social media for products and services. Many of them find online platforms as great sources of product reviews and testimonies. They often look at them before becoming serious buyers or consumers.

Because of this, marketing within social media is a hype that will not end anytime soon. In fact, they are the newest platforms where businesses get most of their sales.

This results in a bigger budget invested in online marketing. It also paves the way to new company-influencer partnerships and collaborations.

What Is an Influencer?

Collaborating or partnering with a social media influencer is a great marketing tactic. Most times, companies and other business entrepreneurs look up to influencers for guidance. Often in their marketing strategies and decision-making.

From beauty, health, and fitness, social media influencers are the "it" people. They built their reputations from their knowledge or expertise on a certain topic. They do constant posts about that area on their favored social media platforms.

This then generates a huge number of enthusiastic and hooked followers. These followers then engage in every post and pay attention to all their views.

Brands make good collaborations with social media influencers. The reason is that they create and even make trends more popular. Many of their followers get encouraged to buy the products and services they promote.

A large part of their success is thanks to their credibility. Social media influencers have access to a large audience.

Social media influencers are but a broad term for these experts. They prefer to stick with a certain area of interest and build their reputation and popularity on it.

Great examples of this are Huda Kattan and Tati Westbrook for beauty influencers. For foodie content, we have James Oliver and Andrew Rea. Kayla Itsines and Michelle Lewin are other well-known fitness influencers.

Social Media Influencers and the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry has been making steady growth, reaching a global market size of 74.8 billion dollars. A key part of this growth is the involvement of social media influencers.

Health and fitness have become a more notable field of interest to many social media users. With the emergence of fitness influencers, people are more aware of their health. This applies to both their physical and mental health.

Certain social media applications also became the hotspot for fitness. This online platform is Instagram, to be more specific.

Instagram created a space where users showcase their health and fitness photo stories. Users can access Instagram for inspiration, motivation, challenge, and even marketing.


Social media influencers have wide access to many people around the globe. Because of Youtube and Instagram, influencers get a wider demographic scope than most fitness brands.

This level of connection within the community gives immediate sparks to public intrigue. It also promotes health awareness and even challenges them to do better.

This makes some products like used gym equipment and affordable. You can even find quality gym accessories for a great price.


Another great edge of influencers is their ability to empathize with their audience. Unlike big companies or businesses, influencers are just regular people. It helps them promote and persuade people because they have similar, realistic goals.

This realistic lifestyle makes their followers develop a strong a deep connection. Most users relate with original platform creators better than TV or movie personalities. One good reason is that most influencers identify themselves as regular, average people.

It's also proven that more people will believe and follow an influencer’s suggestion. Influencer marketing can serve as word-of-mouth, making it more effective than traditional advertisements.

Influencer/Follower Relationship

Influencers and their followers form tight-knit relationships because of their relatability. In fact, these relationships are frequent sights on platforms like Youtube. Some creators have already been making content for more than a decade.

Social media influencers establish their reputation by creating content that resonates with their followers. By doing this, they get to promote more products and services that people will find interesting. Thanks to influencers, customers can find gym starter packages for a great price.

Collaboration With Global Fitness

If you follow FaZe Rug, you may have already seen his collaboration with Global Fitness. FaZe Rug, also known as Brian Rafat Awadis, is a content creator on YouTube. His content consists of vlogs, gaming, pranks, and challenges.

In this video, he meets Tristyn Lee, a bodybuilder sensation. Global Fitness offered its venue to Brian for his video. In exchange, viewers were able to see the venue for themselves and what Global Fitness has to offer.

This video is a good example of a beneficial exchange between brands and influencers. While Brian was able to create content, Global Fitness also benefited from YouTube exposure.

Social Media Influencers and Their Uses in the Fitness World

Accessibility, empathy, and close bond: These are some of the reasons why the fitness industry finds itself to have a close work relationship with social media influencers.

These creators are great networking systems and can showcase any brand with high success rates. If you haven't already, check out how influencers are shaping the fitness industry today.

In the meantime, want to take that first step into healthier living? Contact us for more details with regards to gym equipment you need to get started.

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