What You Need To Know About Refurbished Commercial Gym Equipment

 |  Thomas Ferriere

Did you know that in 2021 there are 104,149 active gyms in America? With an annual growth of 3.8%, the gym industry revenue is $37 billion, and many experts predict this may more than double in the next five years. 

With such a massive industry, opening a gym or fitness center is now, more than ever, a great business venture and potentially a massive earner.

So many new gyms opening means a spike in demand for new and used equipment. The price of new equipment isn't always practical for most new business owners.

That is why if you're looking to save money, you may want to consider refurbished commercial gym equipment. Here's why!

About Refurbished Commercial Gym Equipment 

There is this stigma in the world that used equipment, whether it be tools or anything, isn't as good as equipment that is new. Well, we disagree. A good going over to clean and remove any scratches or dents makes a world of difference and can make a piece of fitness equipment look new again.

Chances are you have used refurbished gym equipment and been none the wiser. Companies specializing in refurbing these items go the extra mile and replace a wide range of spares on these items, and this leaves gym owners with equipment they can trust and rely on.

Below, we take a look at the main reasons why every gym owner should invest in refurbished commercial gym equipment.

1. It Has a Warranty

Most people think that when you buy something used, you get no warranty or money-back guarantee. However, this is not necessarily the case. Most reputable businesses have one or the other, or both. When choosing which company to use, this should be a key decision point. 

Here at Global Fitness, we offer a standard warranty on all our used equipment, as well as extended warranty options upon purchase.

2. For Sustainability

Sustainability is trendy right now, isn't it? And for good reason.

Buying used equipment assures that there is less demand for plastic and metal, and it has a positive impact on the world. 

3. A Cost-Effective Option

By far the main reason anybody opts to buy used equipment is the price. A commercial gym with new equipment can cost upwards of $50,000, and a single private studio can cost upwards of $10 000. With used equipment, the price is but a fraction of the cost. 

Having a cost-effective option opens the door for many private individuals to open gyms, whereas before mainly big corporations could afford to open them. 

More gyms mean more competition. As a result, the price of memberships goes down, which benefits the customer.

4. Better Private Personal Training

Used equipment opens a personal trainer's world up to more options. Having a gym space at home is more affordable with used equipment. 

A staggering 65% of Americans prefer to train at home. With such a high percentage, personal trainers are now setting up training spaces at their home or any private space available. 

Here are few reasons for this:

  • You can wear whatever you like
  • You can design your own set-up 
  • You can play any kind of music
  • You can gym at your own schedule

The same line of thinking applies to smaller, private gyms. With so many advantages, it's no wonder so many people prefer a home gym setup.

Remanufactured Equipment

Used commercial gym equipment isn't only available as a used item, where a gym lists all its old, used equipment for sale on a website and you buy from there. 

Companies specialize in remanufacturing this equipment, whereby they strip the machine to its bare bones, and sandblast and respray the metal. They then replace any faulty parts with new ones. 

This remanufacturing leaves the equipment looking as good as new and allows long usage of the equipment without any failures.

Tips For Buying Used Gym Equipment

Now that you know the benefits of buying refurbished commercial gym equipment, let us share with you some useful tips on how to go about selecting the best gym equipment:

  1. Look for reputable suppliers that have a proper website and brand, with good customer reviews.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the different brands and types of equipment you will need.
  3. Have a set budget in mind and try to stick to it.
  4. Ask the supplier all the right questions.
  5. If it's an electrical item, don't be afraid to plug it in and check if it works.
  6. Ask about the history of each item.
  7. Always go for the 'try before you buy option'.
  8. Have a plan beforehand on how much space you have and what your needs are.

There is no foolproof way of getting the right purchase each and every time, but by keeping these tips in mind, you will more than not get it right.

Should you not be happy, or if something goes wrong, the reputable company you have chosen will have a warranty in place that provides you with peace of mind.

Flex and Stretch Your Way to a Great Gym

You've got what you need to start shopping around. Remember to double-check the reputation of the place you want to buy from, and don't skimp on good delivery service.

This ensures that what you buy is what will arrive, you don't want your refurbished commercial gym equipment arriving damaged or non-operational. 

At Global Fitness, we offer the best advice on everything that your home or private gym will need. Be on the lookout for our amazing specials and sale items or if you know what you need right now, browse our product pages for a comprehensive overview of what packages are available. 

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