The Best Pieces of Secondhand Gym Equipment

 |  Thomas Ferriere

The past few years have been tough on gyms and their owners. The global pandemic meant a drop in revenue, yet an increase in demands with virtual fitness and a focus on mental health coming into play. So how can your budget stretch to catering for these new methods while maintaining a brick and mortar gym?

One way is to save money with used equipment. Read on as we discuss the secondhand gym equipment you need to consider. 

Used Treadmills

Of all used gym equipment, the treadmill is one that people often shy away from buying. It makes sense, as the treadmill takes a lot of wear. In addition, it has a lot of electronics, and everyone knows that these are renowned for being a no-go when it comes to secondhand buying. 

However, used treadmills have a number of advantages. Firstly, like any used gym equipment, you will be saving a lot of money. With treadmills, you may also need a lot more than one or two to kit out your business, and savings here will go a long way. 

When you buy used, you are also helping out the environment. With so many electronic components, defunct treadmills are extremely wasteful. The longer you keep them going, the better it will be for the planet. 

The main worry for many people is not knowing the history of the treadmill and how much use it had. However, if you buy from a reputable dealer offering refurbished equipment, this should not be a problem. They will have replaced any belts and components, which are known to be the first items that wear out. 

Used Plate Loaded Strength

One of the no-brainers when buying secondhand is to get your plate-loaded strength equipment already used. All you need to do is think about how these machines work, and it is obvious they have very few things that can go wrong. All they use are weights and a frame. 

If they have cables, then check for wear when buying. You may also check around any handgrips or joints, looking for cracks and rust. However, most dealers of secondhand equipment will have replaced or repaired these components prior to sale.

The only downside is that these machines are often the heaviest to transport. So, it's better to buy close to home if possible - to reduce transportation costs. You may see cheap machines advertised from websites in different countries, but you do not know the quality, and the shipping can often double your prices. 

Used Hammer Strength Machine

A hammer strength machine is one of the most used pieces of equipment in the gym. It can exercise most parts of the body and is incredibly versatile. These qualities also make them hard to get your hands on, both new and secondhand. 

A hammer strength machine will be used by most of the clients coming to your gym., from top athletes to casual keep-fit enthusiasts. They are designed to move the same way a body does, making them one of the most innovative designs on the market. 

Luckily, these designs are also extremely robust. They can withstand a lot of use, and as such secondhand ones can be in high demand. These lower-cost alternatives are often in just as good a condition as ones that are brand new. 

Secondhand Gym Equipment by Brands

You may also be considering buying secondhand gym equipment by brand. For example, used Life Fitness equipment is extremely popular, as is used Precor equipment. Both of these brands have a reputation for a reason, which is high quality and rugged, long-lasting equipment. 

The main benefit of buying a major brand is that the electronics will be of much higher quality. This means treadmills and cardio equipment will last a lot longer. If you buy a cheap brand and the electronics go, it may cost just as much as a new machine to replace them. 

Used Life Fitness Cardio

Life Fitness is one brand renowned for its excellent cardio equipment. In addition to excellent treadmills, they provide a number of upright and recumbent bikes. 

These machines often take a lot of hard wear and tear. However, unlike other machines, you can not often see how worn they are. Parts such as the cogs, chains, and electronics that keep them going are often housed deep in the casing, so they could be worn yet look fine on the outside. 

You can deal with this by sticking to a quality manufacturer like Life Fitness. Not only will they be well built, but a secondhand dealer will also service them for you before the sale. This gives you a double guarantee and ensures peace of mind. 

Used Gym Equipment Packages

If you are buying multiple items or thinking of kitting out a gym, then packages may be a better way to go. This means the supplier will bundle a number of items together based on your needs. The downside is that it may be harder to check the quality of individual equipment, as it is all sold together.

Once again, this comes down to buying from a reputable dealer. You may be able to find secondhand items for sale from lesser-known buy and sell businesses for lower prices. However, you have no knowledge of how that gear has been used or its current condition. 

In commercial endeavors, this can be disastrous. You need to know the equipment is safe and that it will last, to safeguard yourself, your customers and your finances. 

Find a Reputable Dealer

Secondhand gym equipment begins and ends with a reputable dealer. Find one who has the equipment or packages you are interested in and discuss your needs before making a purchase. You may find some excellent equipment at bargain prices. 

Your first stop should be Global Fitness. We have a number of refurbished equipment and accessories for your gym. Click here to contact a member of our team and see what we can do for your business. 

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