The Benefits of Having a Hammer Strength Machine at Your Gym

 |  Thomas Ferriere

At the gym, do you prefer free weights or machines?

It's the age-old debate when it comes to strength training. But what about a hammer strength machine? Hammer strength equipment gives the user the best features of both free weights and machines. It's the way to go!

So, let's take a look at the benefits of hammer strength machines and more. 

What is Hammer Strength?

Hammer Strength is a weight training company. Gary Jones founded the company in 1989. Jones worked with professional athletes, sports doctors, and chiropractors to build these strength-training machines.

Jones partnered with the Brown family of the Cincinnati Bengals to craft these machines. He simplified the biomechanics of weight lifting by matching machine movement to human motion. 

Jones was the first person to apply the alignment of the joints' motion to commercial products. He used an exercise philosophy of helping people through simpler, safer, and more effective movements. 

So, what benefits do strength-trainers see from using Hammer Strength machines?

1. Isolateral Technology

Isolateral exercise is a technique strength trainers use to work on one particular side of the body at a time. For example, instead of doing a push-up, you can isolate one side of the body and do a one-arm push-up.

Hammer Strength machines patented isolateral technology, meaning you can only find this type of training on a Hammer Strength machine. Further, the device copies the natural movements of the body. The meeting and swerving arcs help build strength. 

Additionally, when you isolate one side of the body, you can strengthen it better. As a result, your body will have equal balance and strength.

2. Great Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the study of biological systems. It's precisely the body's structure and function. It explores the effects that forces have on motions.

As mentioned, Jones used biomechanics to create Hammer Strength machines. The result is reduced risk of injuries and improvement of training efficiency. The biomechanics also offer great versatility and range for users. 

You can integrate new motions to engage more muscles than before using chords, wires, and weights. Thus, the machine will grow and adapt with you and make you stronger.

3. Get the Best of Free Weights and Workout Machines

Hammer Strength offers you a single device that combines free weights and workout machines. Thus, you can participate in multiple selections of training routines. Or, you can do a simple workout for total body training. 

You can do all the same workouts you would typically do with free weights. However, with free weights, you don't control the resistance you have during your exercise. You only have your body weight and the weights you choose. Plus, with free weights, there are limited positions you can use.

But, a Hammer Strength machine offers different equipment elements to control the resistance and intensity of your movements. Plus, it provides the safety that comes with using a traditional strength-training device. It makes the workout better because of its precision and ability to isolate muscles. 

You get the best of both worlds using Hammer Strength machines. Additionally, it's easy to up your weights using a Hammer Strength machine because you're less likely to get an injury.

4. No Spotter Necessary

Usually, when you're using gym equipment, trainers recommend you have a spotter. They especially recommend a spotter when working on your chest and shoulders. However, using a Hammer Strength machine, you don't need a spotter. You can work out alone if you want to.

It's perfect for anyone at any fitness level.

5. Comfort, Durability, and Safety

Any gym-goer will know that if you're not comfortable with the equipment you're using, you can't train properly. Each Hammer Strength machine is well-crafted. In addition, they are structurally the best strength training machines to work on because of their steel frame. 

Moreover, Hammer Strength focuses on user safety and comfort. As a result, they are the most popular gym equipment customers ask for at the gym. 

Gym Safety

While the machines offer users a higher safety standard, you still need to enforce safety rules at your gym. After use, gym members must return the machine and the weights to their normal state.

Yet, users also need to pay attention to their form. Poor form can cause injuries or tightness. This means members need to use a weight level they can handle. Users also need to stay hydrated throughout their workout for best results. Remind gym members to start their workout with a warm-up and end it with a cool-down.

Types of Hammer Strength Machines

There are many different types of Hammer Strength machines. In addition, there are several machines for back exercises. Most of the back devices are of the rowing category. They include overhead, underhand, overhand, and more. You can work your lateral muscles from many different angles. 

Hammer Strength machines also have many options for working your chest. The best is the decline bench press. You can work on your lower chest without blood rushing to your head or losing balance on a regular decline bench.

Another option is the incline bench press. It's smooth for users and better than a flat machine. You can also do a flat bench press.

Of course, you can work your shoulders using a Hammer Strength machine too. The most common muscle to work is the deltoids. The seated military press is excellent for strengthening your front deltoids. 

Buy a Hammer Strength Machine Today

A hammer strength machine will always be a great addition to a gym and an even better investment. Your gym members will be enthusiastic about using these machines and see serious muscle gains with them.

To learn more about buying used gym equipment and hammer strength machines, contact us at Global Fitness. Our experts will guide you to find the best fitness tools for your gym.

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