6 Safety Tips for Using Commercial Gym Equipment

 |  Thomas Ferriere

It's been found that 12% of all new gym memberships are bought in January. With that being the case, the coming months are prime time for gyms and health centers. These new memberships might be known as 'tourists' to the regulars (and statistics show that up to 50% of them leave within six months), but they offer a valuable opportunity. To turn them over into regulars who will spend more money.

So, how do you convince these 'tourists' to commit and dedicate themselves to the gym throughout the year? One way is to make their time at the gym as safe and simple as possible. If they feel unsure and unconfident when using certain commercial gym equipment, they will lose motivation quickly. The solution? Break it down for them. Read on to find out more.

1. Make an Induction Mandatory

This is an easy and simple step, but it will make all the difference in your customer retention. And not only will it help them out, but it will help you out, too. After all, if they know what they're doing from day one, that saves you both time later down the line.

All that is required is to take your new customer around the gym - show them where everything is, teach them the safety and cleaning rules, and check they know how to use the equipment they'd like to use. Give them the opportunity to ask any questions and voila - you're done!

2. Do a Risk Assessment

This should be done first before the gym has even opened and then at regular intervals throughout the year. Commercial fitness equipment can be dangerous if not properly organized and used. A risk assessment can make a huge difference, so don't skip this step!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Identify the potential hazards
  • Identify high-risk members
  • Put control measures in place
  • Document your assessment
  • Review the risk regularly

This one gives you the best chance of being prepared for any and all possibilities. And make sure you have a game plan for if any of your risks actually occur.

3. Conduct Machine Maintenance

Ensuring your gym equipment is regularly maintained (and that your customers are aware of it) is very high on the safety list. As with any machine, time and use take their toll. Without regular checks, a machine that looks fine from the outside could stop working mid-use and seriously hurt somebody.

If your members are updated on your machine maintenance, they will have confidence in you, as well as in the machines they are using. When a member feels safe, they are far more likely to keep visiting.

And, don't forget loose cabling! The only pain you want your customers to experience is DOMS, not a sprained ankle from tripping.

4. Display Safety Tips

While lots of wholesale commercial fitness equipment (particularly cardio machines) will have guidance on how to use them, they don't always display safety tips. Taking the time to put up instructions on how to use the equipment correctly and - crucially - safely will empower your members to confidently use the machines and avoid injury.

The safety tips could be specific to each machine or area in your gym, or they could be generic. A list including general safety tips to follow while in the gym will always be useful, and your members are sure to appreciate it.

5. Ensure Regular Cleaning

Not least because of Covid! It's almost impossible to visit a gym and not sweat. I mean, really, if you can go to a gym and not sweat, I'm not sure you're doing it right! There are two ways you can tackle this.

First, make sure you and your staff are visibly cleaning the gym throughout the day. That includes all areas of the workout space as well as the changing rooms and showers. Putting up a register of when the last clean took place (and when the next is due) is a great idea, too.

The other helpful way to do this is to encourage the members themselves to clean as they go. Having antibacterial spray and paper towels at hand would be very much appreciated!

6. Make Sure Staff Are Trained

Staff should be trained in a number of safety-related tasks. The more that are trained up, the better. You want to always be ready for any and all risks to make sure your members are safe and the equipment is not a risk to anyone.

To start, make sure they are first aid trained. Fire safety is also a big one. But crucially, when it comes to commercial gym equipment, make sure they have adequate knowledge about how to use all the machines in the gym, as well as how to decommission them in case one might become unsafe to use.

Make Safety a Priority For Commercial Gym Equipment

Using commercial gym equipment in your gym or health center offers your members the highest value. These machines allow for full-body workouts and keep you fit and healthy. Which, let's be honest, is the reason they are visiting!

But just having them at your gym isn't enough. Ensuring you know the correct safety procedures for each piece of equipment is paramount for your own and your members' safety. The above list is a guideline of exactly how to keep safe when using the equipment, and will be a good factor in your members' decision to keep using your gym!

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