9 Types of Exercise Equipment Every Gym Needs

 |  Brett Labistour
In our opinion, there are nine types of exercise equipment every gym should have. However, the range of fitness gear available is massive! In fact, the market's estimated to be worth over $13.5 billion by 2023! So picking out the essential pieces for your gym can sometimes be overwhelming- which is why we've put this blog post together. Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction. So, without further ado, let's dive on in.

1. Indoor Rowing Machine

No gym is complete without an indoor rowing machine. This piece of exercise equipment is essential for circuit training! Plus, it's great for metabolic conditioning and HIIT workouts for several reasons: Firstly, when someone uses a rowing machine, they're required to perform a full body movement. Hence, you're forced to work lots of muscle groups at the same time. Plus, this intense yet short workout is usually enough to raise your heart rate quickly. So typically, this burns more calories than either running or cycling. Therefore this piece of kit's usually a favorite with clients who want to lose weight. However, that's not all a rowing machine is good for. It's also fabulous for building both strength and endurance. This is because the resistance is relative to the force with which you pull. Lastly, rowing is an excellent workout for anyone suffering from painful joints, because it's a relatively low impact exercise. Especially, in comparison to heaving lifting and running.

2. Kettlebells

For anyone who takes health and fitness seriously, kettlebells are essential. This is why personal trainers usually incorporate this piece of kit into their training programs. People love kettlebells because they enable you to perform several exercises that focus on building and maintaining your strength. However, they're often more of a challenge than dumbbells and barbells because you've got to work harder to maintain your grip. This one of the reasons why kettlebells are fabulous for toning your core.

3. Battle Ropes

Over the last decade, battle ropes have become increasingly popular in gyms. This is because they strike a balance between endurance training and a full body workout. To make the most of this workout, you should instruct your clients to create a wave pattern with the ropes. Anyone who's tried this exercise will vouch for both the strength and stamina needed to pull it off. Therefore, if your gym's looking to promote functional training- then you need to ensure you have at least one set of battle ropes. Plus, they're super easy to stash away, so there really isn't an excuse for not having a pair of battle ropes. However, before you make your purchase, you should be aware that battle ropes come in a variety of widths. Plus, you can opt to have them either with or without a protective covering. So be sure to buy the right set for your gym!

4. Resistance Bands

We love this piece of exercise equipment for a couple of reasons:
  1. They're fabulous for mobility work.
  2. You can use them to change the level of intensity of certain bodyweight exercises. For example, pull-ups and pushups.
To do this, you should advise your client to loop a resistance band around the end of their chosen barbell, as well as the pins at the base of the power rack.

5. Adjustable Bench

The adjustable bench is an essential part of any decent quality gym because it sets the stage for loads of different lifts. You can utilize this piece of kit to master everything from hip thrusts to bench presses. Unsurprisingly, you won't get the same degree of flexibility with a flat bench.

6. Dumbbells

Everyone knows and loves the dumbbells! This is because they're one of the most versatile kinds of weights out there. We recommend advising your clients to use one of the dumbells at a time to develop their strength and stability within a particular muscle group. If you're running a smaller sized gym, you could save on space by opting for adjustable style dumbbells. Plus, these tend to be cheaper than regular dumbbells (but work just as well)- what's not to love?!

7. Rubber Flooring

Every good quality gym has a section of rubber flooring. This is essential because it helps protect both the floor underneath the rubber and the weights from damage. Plus, it'll muffle the noise of weights dropping- which is never a pleasant sound!

8. Lying Leg Curl

This is one of our favorite pieces of exercise equipment! There's no better aid if you're looking to tone your hamstrings because this workout pays equal attention to both the front and back of your calves. This balance is essential, not only because it'll make your legs look aesthetically pleasing, but it also decreases the risk of a sports style injury. Hence, we're yet to find a machine or exercise that can match the lying leg curl.

9. An Indoor Cycling Machine

We needn't state the obvious- any reputable gym requires a plethora of indoor cycling machines. This piece of kit's usually a favorite amongst clients because it helps increase their heart rate (relatively quickly). Hence, it provides an excellent cardio intensive work out. Beside that, this machine has some fabulous strength-building benefits. These include:
  • Improving circulation
  • Speeding up weight loss
  • Toning calf muscles.
All in all, it's not surprising that your clients want access to this fabulous piece of kit!

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