The past few years might have caused turmoil for many industries, but not for fitness. In 2021, the global fitness industry was worth over $87 billion and is expected to grow 171.25% to $434.74 billion by 2028.

With that said, opening and operating a gym can come with a lot of unique challenges and costs. The search for the right premises, area, and equipment can run tens of thousands of dollars.

One area of savings that gym owners will typically turn to is the use of commercial refurbished fitness equipment.

In this article, we'll cover all of the benefits of using used gym equipment and why you should be utilizing it for your fitness center. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Commercial Refurbished Fitness Equipment?

A common misconception that comes to mind when the word "refurbished" is used is that the equipment is old or visibly battered. Although this might be true for less trustworthy aftermarket sellers, the best used equipment sellers have the highest standards of quality for the products they sell. 

Fitness equipment is typically brought to refurbishers in all sorts of conditions but is remanufactured to excel at the highest level and to stand the test of time.

Depending on the equipment, the machine is typically stripped down to its base parts. From there, expert technicians clean every nook and cranny of the parts. If anything is damaged, they are replaced with high-quality and durable parts.

Any damaged bodywork is restored to "near-new" conditions and is even given custom paint jobs depending on the customer's needs. Every moving part is checked to be mechanically sound for the long run and is inspected again and again to make sure they work perfectly. 

Benefits of Purchasing Commercial Refurbished Fitness Equipment

There are several benefits to buying used fitness equipment over its brand new counterparts. Let's take a look at a few.

Save Thousands on Some of the Best Brands of Gym Equipment

The most obvious reason for using refurbished equipment is the money you can save on the same top-quality brands.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on expenses like overhead, marketing, staffing, insurance, and permits, spending money on high-quality equipment can be another huge hit to your budget (especially if you're operating a large gym).

Every piece of equipment that you purchase is an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on some of the best brands.

Access Top-Of-The-Line Models

Buying refurbished equipment doesn't mean sacrificing when it comes to the brand name.

When purchasing from a top-quality refurbishing company like Global Fitness, you can access some of the best gym equipment brands for a fraction of the price, including:

When it comes to gym equipment, buying top-quality brands that you can trust is important. Finding a refurbisher that you can trust can give you access to the best brands for less.

Better Flexibility of Equipment

When populating a gym, you don't have to decide on going 100% new or 100% refurbished. You can mix and match equipment for different types of exercises to best fit your fitness center's needs. 

If you want to order certain pieces of equipment new, you can easily complement those machines with refurbished equipment of the same brand. When purchasing from a quality used equipment business, they'll carry the same machines as the top brands.

With top-tier refurbishers, you won't even be able to tell which machine is new and which one isn't.

Top-Tier Reconstruction Gives You Piece of Mind

Sure, buying used gym equipment off of Craigslist from a random old gym is incredibly risky at best.

But when purchasing equipment from a brand like Global Fitness that's been in business for over 20 years, you can rest easy knowing that every single detail of every machine has been scrutinized by expert engineers and technicians. 

Their professionally trained staff inspect every last nut and bolt to make sure it's up to standards with the original brand. Every piece is analyzed, rigorously tested, and replaced with the highest quality of parts if needed.

Global Fitness is so confident in their equipment that they offer a "Peace of Mind" Warranty as well. They have a huge network of service technicians to address any warranty claims no matter where you live. If you run into any problems, you'll be back up and running in no time.

Even international clients are covered — their technicians have gone as far as Australia and Ukraine to address warranty issues.

Increased Brand Awareness and Maintenance Needs

Purchasing big-ticket items from manufacturers can be risky. New owners might be unsure about the brand, configuration settings, or any maintenance needs that come with the machine. 

Getting refurbished equipment first can lower your investment risk while allowing you and your staff to learn how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot specific types of equipment and brands before investing in more equipment in the future. 

Upgrading To Refurbished Equipment Reduces Maintenance Costs

As your current gym equipment gets older, they likely need more and more maintenance, which can add up in costs. At worst, old machines need to be fully repaired or can even cause serious injury.

By upgrading to refurbished gym equipment, you can lower the costs of maintaining old equipment while ensuring your gym-goers stay safe and in optimal health.

Get Refurbished Fitness Equipment From a Company You Can Trust

Buying commercial refurbished fitness equipment has a ton of benefits for gym owners beyond just cash savings. Finding a refurbisher that you can trust gives you access to the best gym equipment in the world while giving you the flexibility to outfit your fitness center however you'd like.

If you're looking for refurbished equipment that meets the highest levels of quality and control at a great price, make sure to check out Global Fitness's gym packages today! 

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