10 Superior Advantages of Hammer Strength Machines at the Gym

 |  Thomas Ferriere

Are you curious about Hammer Strength machines and how they can improve your gym experience? Hammer Strength machines help build up physical strength on both sides of the body using unique (patented) isolated lateral biomechanics. They are safer than free weights and provide a wide variety of exercise options and weights all in one machine. 

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Hammer Strength machines at the gym.  

Controlled Resistance Training

Hammer Strength machines offer all the benefits of using free weights but they also provide resistance control, something that free weights can't give you. Resistance training increases muscle strength because your muscles work against a weight or force.

Controlling resistance allows your muscles to work while they contract and constrict. So, while you are lifting and releasing the weight you will be working your muscles and burning more calories.

If you're using a pull or push mechanism, the resistance control means you're working your muscles when you are pulling or pushing, as well as when you are releasing. Basically, the resistance isolates the muscles. So, you get a better workout with fewer moves and in a shorter time because the machine keeps you focusing on one part of the body completely.

Resistance control also increases the safety of lifting. It keeps you from jarring your body and putting quick strain on your tendons, muscles, and bones. So, you can more easily increase your weight as you're less likely to suffer from an injury.

Multiple Positions to Choose From

Strength machines have options to work multiple parts of the body in multiple positions all in one machine. The Hammer Strength machines have free weights as well as machine weights, resistance bands, and pullies to provide a variety of options and variety of positions.

It is a whole gym in one machine. 

So, whether the user is a beginner or a professional, the machine works and builds with them. Whether you want to focus on the lower body, upper body, back, chest, etc., the Hammer Strength machine has the workout for you.

Safer Than Free Weights

Strength machines overall are safer than free weights for a few reasons. One, they are durable and sturdy. Hammer Strength machines in particular are made of steel and famous for their durability. 

Second, strength machines help keep individuals in the correct form. They do not allow the freedom of movement that free weights do. So, they are much safer when it comes to correct form because it prevents clients from having poor form. Poor form such as arching or rounding the back or swaying with lifts can cause painful injuries to the back, shoulders, and neck, among others. 

Machines also prevent the dropping of weights. Dropping weights not only jars the body and can lead to muscle strains and tears, but can also be extremely painful when a weight lands on a foot, finger, or another body part. 

Easy to Workout Solo 

With a gym strength machine, you can easily work out alone. You don't need a spotter like you would with free weights or bars. 

The Hammer Strength machine provides all the support you need. Plus, it makes it easy to change the weight and resistance to find the level that fits you. You don't need a trainer to teach and coach you. 

So, if you're someone who likes to work out alone or visits the gym at uncommon hours, the strength machine makes working out easy, comfortable, and efficient. 

Uses Biomechanics For Optimal Results

The designer of Hammer Strength machines, Gary Jones, used biomechanics to design and build the strength machines. Biomechanics is the study of the body's structure and function including how different motions and forces impact the body. His use of biomechanics research created the machines to be highly efficient at strength training while remaining safe.

The Hammer Strenght machines activate and engage a variety of muscles using a variety of different techniques. These include weights, wires, and cables. They are designed to be versatile and provide a wide range of options for clients so one can find what works for them. 

Good biomechanics means efficient training and easy improvements while reducing the risks of injuries. That is exactly what the Hammer Strength machines do. 

Uses Iso-Lateral Technology Only Found on Hammer Strength Machines

Iso-lateral technology is patented and only found on Hammer Strength machines. Iso-lateral technology focuses on isolating and working only one side of the body at a time. In addition, the machine copies the natural movement of the human body so that the entire body maintains balance and strength. 

Iso-lateral technology combines one-sided movements with full-body strengthening, much like our bodies do naturally in day-to-day life. In addition, they use specific arced motions that are natural and comfortable for the joints while building strength. 

Find Your Hammer Strength Machines Now

Hammer Strength machines have so many benefits. Whether you're looking for a machine for your commercial gym or home gym, you can't go wrong with the Hammer Strength brand. Hammer Strength machines are versatile, provide unique movements, resistance, and isolation, and are safer than free weights and other workout options. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out all of our Hammer Strength equipment options to find the perfect Hammer Strength Machine for you and/or your gym. You can't beat our competitive prices and our expert representatives are always available to help you find the best strength machine to fit your needs and help you reach your goals.

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