3 Tips for Buying Used Elliptical Trainers

 |  Thomas Ferriere

When it comes to furnishing a gym, you want to make sure you have all sorts of fitness equipment across the floor. From treadmills to a weight rack and ellipticals to spin bikes, you want to maximize what you have in the space.

But buying all of the gym equipment can get quite expensive, especially when you are doing it all at once. One way to do this is to buy refurbished commercial fitness equipment. But before you do, there are things to know about buying used! 

Read on to learn about what you should know before buying used elliptical trainers.

1. Know the Brand

Before you go ahead and buy any random used elliptical trainer, you should know what you are getting into. Starting with the brand is a good place.

What you do not want to do is purchase a used piece of equipment from a brand that you have never heard of. This usually doesn't end well. Instead, buy a used elliptical from a more renowned brand.

Brands that are more known have better quality and will last longer. There won't be as many mechanic issues either, so you know that you will get more use out of it in your gym as well.

While buying from a brand you have heard of may be more costly upfront, it can save you money in the long run. Look for elliptical trainers from brands like Life Fitness, Technogym, Cybex, and Precor. There are others, as well.

2. Check for Wear and Tear

A used elliptical does not need to be falling apart at the seams. Normal wear and tear may include scratches and dings from people's keys, dropping metal water bottles, or other things like that.

You should not, however, notice large issues like difficulty moving the elliptical or weird technical issues upon startup.

If you are not sure where to check, you should have someone who is more of an expert look for you. You'll want to look mostly at the flywheel to see if its pieces are all in place - like the magnet that will determine the resistance.

3. Look at the Features

All ellipticals are different. Some have different features and programs like "hills" or "fat-burner" while others are very simple.

Some ellipticals have adjustable levels, incline, stride lengths, and resistance, while others do not. You have to decide what makes the most sense for you and your gym budget.

Before you make the purchase, you should know what the different types of ellipticals are going for at the market price to ensure you do not overpay for your used elliptical. 

Even more advanced ellipticals have features like a heart rate monitor or a fitness tracker app that can be connected via Bluetooth to the elliptical. Some also boast a touch panel that will make the entire experience feel more luxurious for a user.

You also need to know the size of the elliptical you are looking at. If you are tight on space, you'll want to go with a smaller elliptical (which may not have as many features). If you have room and have a larger space, you may be able to go with a larger elliptical, although they may be more expensive.

4. Consider a Warranty

Just like when you buy anything used, it's best to ask for an extended warranty if there is not already a warranty on it.

It is best to purchase used elliptical cross-trainers that have the ability to put an extended warranty on them or still have some of the original manufacturer warranty on them.

Why? Because any type of expense or malfunction in the elliptical can be quite expensive. And if you find yourself constantly fixing the used elliptical, at that point, it may have made more sense to buy new.

You will also want to make sure you are not buying from a scammer. Be sure to read reviews when purchasing, and look at the piece of equipment before buying.

5. Type of Payment

When it comes time to pay for the refurbished or used elliptical, you'll want to understand your payment options. If you don't have to pay outright all at once, this may be in your best interest.

If a seller asks for the money upfront while you are not in person, move on to a different seller. This could be a scam.

However, some sellers may ask for a small percentage. If you feel comfortable doing that before the meeting to pick it up, that is quite common. When you go to pick it up, do not carry large amounts of cash with you.

Or, you may decide you would rather pay at once depending on your budget. Make sure that when you buy refurbished gym equipment you keep any and all receipts that you have as well as paperwork you signed when it became yours.

Your Guide to Buying Used Elliptical Trainers

When furnishing a gym, you want to take all options into account, and one of those options is to buy used elliptical trainers. This can save you money when outfitting the gym.

But there are things you must know before getting an elliptical. With these tips, you'll know how to buy one, what to look for, and what to avoid!

If you are ready to look at your options, you can start with us! We have a ton of used elliptical trainers to look at, all at different prices to fit into the budget that you are working with. 

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