Creating Your Home Gym? Start With Buying a Used Treadmill

 |  Thomas Ferriere

Do you exercise? You should! Regular exercise reduces your blood pressure as well as your risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

Exercise also helps with weight control. 

A daily exercise regimen also reduces stress and inflammation in the body. It even helps you sleep better! Government guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

The best part? You don't need an expensive gym membership to enjoy the benefits of exercise. You can set up your own in-home gym. 

You can even buy a used treadmill to save money and start moving, rain or shine. Are you thinking of creating your own home gym? 

Keep reading for a guide on how to set up a home fitness center. 

Find Your Space 

If you live in a temperate climate and have a garage, it's a great place to put your home gym. Battling snow, wind, and rain? Set yourself up inside. 

Most people have a junk spot in their homes. Do you have a spare bedroom collecting dust? How about a den?

An unfinished or finished basement is another good place for a home gym. Once you've located your spot, you're ready to make a list. 

Decide on a Budget

A home gym can run thousands of dollars, but it doesn't have to. Decide what equipment is most important to you and start with that. 

Take a look at your monthly budget and see if you can allocate a little each month for your gym. Once you've invested in your big purchases, like a used treadmill, a bench, and some weights, you can buy something small each month. 

Create a List

Take a look at your space. How much room do you have? Do you have room for a treadmill or stairclimber? 

Gym equipment is heavy, so you'll want rubber mats for floor protection. They also dampen noise.

Rubber mats are also good for your body if you're working out in the garage. Cement slab floors aren't good for your knees and other joints. Always make sure you're on a rubber mat if you're working out on a cement slab floor.

Other equipment for your wish list includes:

  • Medicine ball
  • Yoga mat
  • Dumbells
  • Bench
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Bosu balance ball
  • Jump rope
  • Pull-up bar
  • Fan

No need to go out and buy all this equipment at one time. You can buy it a little at a time as you try different home workouts. 

Used Gym Equipment

If you don't have the budget for a new treadmill, elliptical, or bike, refurbished fitness equipment is the perfect solution. Most gym equipment has a long life span so don't be afraid to buy used. 

Buy a Used Treadmill

If you only invest in one piece of equipment, consider buying a used treadmill. A used treadmill is a great investment. You can walk, run, do hills, walking lunges, and side shuffles. 

There are so many benefits that come with working out on a treadmill.

Reduced Impact

While jogging outside is fun, it's not always the best for your knees and joints. Treadmills reduce the impact on your legs. A treadmill can also keep you from tripping on uneven ground and potholes. 

Total Control

When you're on a treadmill, you're in complete control. You can adjust the speed, incline, and intensity based on your fitness level. You can customize every aspect of your run, jog, or walk. 

Private and Convenient

Do you feel self-conscious at the gym? A home treadmill is a perfect answer. No worries about how you look or what you're wearing. 

Having a treadmill at home equals total convenience and self-conscious-free workouts!


It's an unfortunate fact that it's not always safe running outside, especially for women running alone. If the only time you have to run is before sunrise or after sunset, a home treadmill is the safest option. You don't have to worry about getting hit by a car or becoming a crime victim. 


Do you have trouble with motivation? It's especially hard to go outside and run when the weather isn't good. Instead of curtailing your workouts, walk into the next room for your run on the treadmill. 

Do you find running boring? No problem. Put your computer or TV on and watch your favorite program while you run. 

You can't do that outside!

Weight Loss

Controlling your weight is easier when you've got a treadmill at home. Instead of reaching for food, walk into the next room and get on the treadmill. It only takes a few minutes to distract yourself and forget about the food. 

Of course, exercise is a major factor when it comes to weight loss. You can't run off a bad diet but you can use your home equipment to stay in shape. 

Bone Density

Walking and running are weight-bearing exercises. This means they help maintain muscle and bone density. That's especially important as you age. 

Having a home treadmill helps you maintain your bone density and build muscle. For added bone building, pick up the pace and the incline. 

Streaming Options

There are lots of streaming exercise classes available on the internet. You can even find some free workout options. 

If you don't have a big budget or a big room, you can start with apps on your phone. If your budget is a little bigger, consider a dedicated tablet or laptop with a stand. 

Money's not an issue? Stream workouts through a computer onto a big-screen TV. The options are endless! You won't even notice you're on the treadmill when you get to watch your favorite show at the same time. 

Invest in Your Health With a Home Gym

Invest in your health with a used treadmill and a home gym. It's all you need for your start on the path to better health and fitness. 

As you can see, there are so many benefits to owning your own treadmill. A treadmill and a home gym are fantastic long-term investments for your body, mind, and overall health. 

Are you ready for your own used treadmill? Do you have questions? Contact us today!

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