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 |  Brett Labistour
Global Fitness's YouTube Channel features all the latest name brand fitness equipment, highly recommended testimonials, and instructional fitness videos.

You Haven't Seen This Fitness Videos on Buzzfeed

 In October 2010, Global Fitness released the 1st video in a series of fitness "How To" tutorials. The popular "Treadmill Interval Training: 5 Step Fat Loss Workout" and other instructional videos have now over 800k views on YouTube already.
In today's fitness industry, there's a strong demand for quick workouts tailored to career-driven, working professionals that provided strong results over a very short time. In other words, work harder and work smarter. Our convenient tutorial videos provide the ultimate workouts on various pieces of cardio and strength equipment.

Treadmill Interval Training: 5 Step Fat Loss Workout

This video focuses on the treadmill cardio workout. Not only does it provide safety information, it also gives tips on how to lose weight and get thinner faster.

Exercise Bike Fat Loss with Lauren Kern

Another popular video in the series is "Exercise Bike Fat Loss" by professional trainer Lauren Kern. This video shows how to get an intense yet safe spin bike workout while burning the most fat possible. With almost 80,000 views, this confirms that spins classes have reached a demand in the 21st century.  

Elliptical Interval Training to Burn Fat by expert trainer Aaron Ribant

Next in the series is our "Elliptical Interval Training to Burn Fat" by expert trainer Aaron Ribant. This video shows how to get the most of an elliptical workout as well as the best methods for fat burning. This video has had over 252,000 views.  

TubeTraining™ Upper Body Muscle Building Exercise by expert trainer Aaron Ribant

And finally, go to "TubeTraining™ Upper Body Muscle Building Exercise" and learn the 4 best upper body muscle building workouts with National Academy of Sports Medicine expert trainer Aaron Ribant. To view these on YouTube and other videos, please check out our Fitness videos page at: 

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