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 |  Brett Labistour

Global Fitness In The Press

A floury of press can be a bad or good thing nowadays, fortunately, we have had the later. California Business Journal, Vatalyst, and Business 2 Community have expressed interest in our industry and have chosen to write about or mention Global Fitness and our work within the fitness community. We decided to share these articles with our readers on our blog. Specifically the Business 2 Business study of interval training. Here is an exert from the article on their website: "However, just going to the gym is a challenge for most people.  Global Fitness, a fitness equipment based company headquartered in Los Angeles, suggests that it’s ‘mind over matter’ when it comes to getting fit.  “Hit the gym, burn some fat, eat clean, and get off the sofa,” the company recently posted on its Twitter account."
  • California Business Journal: Global Fitness Satisfies Market for Used Fitness Equipment
  • Business 2 Business: Study: Interval Exercise Burns More Calories Than Traditional Cardio
Fitness Equipment Warehouse Global Fitness Rosecrans Warehouse 
Global Fitness has been preaching the benefits of interval training. In 2010 we shot a great video in our Gardena, California warehouse on treadmill interval training. This tutorial video has had over 400 thousand views and helped may reach their fitness goals.
You can find the video here on the Our YouTube Channel
The video is also embedded in the page below. Please like and comment on the video to help us improve our content and better engage our audience.

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